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Hello there! Welcome to the brand spanking new Blog With Mo! Allow me to intro myself briefly before I jump into the posts and give you a few reasons why I felt qualified to start a blog that helps other bloggers to be successful at their craft. My name is Monique Solomon and I’ve been a blogger at for 7 years. (since 2010) I’ve been a blogger for even longer, however that particular website is 7 years old. *Cue fashion blogger pics*

Monique Solomon of Blog With Mo


Throughout my years as a blogger, I’ve had many wins and many losses, as with life. (RIP to, my first blog that did so well until I lost it all in a server move. ­čÖü ) I have now decided to get serious about blogging, recognising my love for the field and acknowledging that I wanted to make a living from being a blogger. Blogging can be a successful career path, one that provides stability and financial freedom while doing something I truly enjoy. In pursuit of the stability and security of the corporate ladder, I have stopped blogging many times. However many of those corporate opportunities came to be because of the blog.

And so while I have watched many of my favourite bloggers grow and become successful at this, somehow I have never taken the plunge to do so myself. Well, no more. I now join the ranks of those who do nothing else but blog and make money doing so. There are a few misconceptions about blogging that I will tackle from time to time on this blog. One of them is that blogging is a frivolous┬áget-rich-quick scheme. That┬áit’s not actually work and that all it takes is to write a few posts, get your friends to share it and the advertising dollars will begin to roll in.┬áOh, how I wish.

The Business of Blogging

If that were the case, we’d all be doing it, wouldn’t we? But the harsh reality is that blogging is a lot of work. Blogging for money, that is. Anyone can start a blog and get their inner circle to become loyal readers. But that will not bring in the kind of money it takes to pay the bills. There’s a whole lot that goes into being a successful blogger and it can definitely take up as much time as your 9-5. But if you love to produce content, then it won’t actually feel like work. You know the saying, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

Another misconception about blogging as a career is that you have to be based in the United States to make real money. This also is not true. The fact is that yes, because we’re in the Caribbean, so close to the US, the majority of our readers will be based in the US. My audience on IrieDiva is split 40% Jamaican, 40% US and the other 20% is sprinkled all over the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Depending on my post content and sharing methods, the US audience may climb as high as 70%, monopolizing the visitor statistics altogether. So while there are many retailers and ad networks that may not work with non-US based bloggers, there’s enough that do! And I will reveal them all to you, so make sure you’re subscribed to Blog With Mo for all my future posts.

I hope you will come with me on the journey of being a successful blogger and find actionable tips that you can implement yourself. Please subscribe to the mailing list and follow me on social media. I’m @blogwithmo everywhere (direct links are to the right of this page.) Are there any questions you’d like me to tackle right away on the blog? Please leave your comments below!


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