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Free blog planner printable to help you grow your blog, set goals and achieve them, track your progress and make money blogging.

Do you need more organisation in your life? Of course you do. I love planners and wanted one that was specific to my needs as a blogger, so I created a blog planner and I’m sharing it with you for free.

A blog planner is a great tool for new or well-experienced bloggers to keep track of their progress and set goals and achieve them in a smart manner.  Here’s what’s included in this free blog planner and how to use it to grow your blog.

Why You Need a Blog Planner

A planner on a whole is a place where you store all of your thoughts, ideas and goals. Writing stuff down unloads it from your brain and releases brain fog, leading to clarity and focus which is useful for getting sh*t done.

A blogger’s journey can be lonely and frustrating. I specifically created a space inside this blog planner for you to write down your why. Whenever you feel like quitting, refer to this space to remind yourself why you started a blog and what you’re hoping to achieve with it.

Remember that difficult times will pass and that it was perhaps a successful blogger that motivated you to get into blogging yourself. You too can have this success as long as you keep at it.

A planner keeps your ideas in one place. When you’re running on fumes and not sure which way to turn, your planner can be a source of inspiration with ideas long forgotten. You can also use it to keep you on target so that you’re not spinning around chasing your tail but know exactly what goal you’re working on and the exact steps needed to accomplish it.

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Inside the HABO Blog Planner Printable

I named it the HABO Blog Planner after my free Facebook Community Help a Blogger Out because that’s exactly what I, and this planner are here to do, help you out on your blogging journey.

It holds 12 pages plus a bonus page that’s filled out with an example of what my week looks like as a blogger.

HABO Blog Planner
free blog planner
Blog Planner: How to Use This Free Printable Planner to Grow Your Blog

The first three pages of the planner are designed to help you keep track of important aspects of your blog like the hex codes for your chosen brand colours and the link to your hosting account and the date it expires so this doesn’t creep up on you.

I’ve also added a place for you to write down your blog strategy and what you’re hoping to accomplish with your blog. Every blogger is different and so is every strategy. It’s important to know what yours is, stick to it and tweak it only after you’ve analysed what’s working and what isn’t.

Without this kind of clinical approach, you may not be sure what works for you as a blogger and what ideas to toss. There’s also a place for you to write your short and long-term goals as a blogger.

These are pages you may only need to print once, or once in a while, like every year or whenever you update your blogging strategy and goals. That’s the beauty of an undated printable planner, you control what you use and what you don’t.

There are also pages to track your blogging income, expenses and stats like your social media followers, email subscribers and pageviews. This is great to fill in monthly to track your growth over time and help manage your emotions and expectations.

Write down any money spent on courses, hosting, graphics or other expenses and keep track of your income whether from affiliate marketing or other blogging income sources.

Brainstorm and Keyword Research

There’s a section to dump all the ideas that come to you about future blog posts. Inspiration comes to us from a plethora of sources and it can be easy to forget about them. This is a great place to group them and then apply your keyword research principles learnt here to flesh out your ideas into money-making blog posts.

The usual monthly and weekly spreads are then included. These are pages that you will print over and over as time goes by and you begin to fill up your planner.

Printing what you need and adding it to the same planner allows you to have one place with all your ideas whether from March or September. You could also print enough to last a whole year and bind them together to create a fully fleshed out planner straight from the beginning.

The final page is a blank page labelled notes for anything that I may have missed or something that’s specific to you. Maybe you’d like a page to plan holiday posts or maybe you’d like a page to keep track of guest post submissions and backlinks. Use this page to make the planner unique to you.

Blog Planner Weekly Spread

You can use the form below to grab your free blog planner printable. If you put it to use I am pretty sure it will help you to grow your blog into a money-making machine. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy the planner and please share this with a blogging buddy of yours.

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