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Are free PLR articles the answer to your blogger overwhelm? Today, I’m discussing the pros and cons of using private label rights articles. I’m also sharing some top quality free PLR downloads you can use right away.

free plr articles for blog traffic

Hey there blogger. So you’re short on time. You have a million ideas but get bogged down with everything else that’s high priority on a blogger’ to-do list. You can’t seem to find the time to sit and write. Maybe you should outsource.

Maybe you should hire someone who will take your ideas ad bring them to life for you. But you’re not making the kind of money you want to be making yet and good quality writers are expensive.

What other options do you have?

Enter PLR.

What is PLR?

PLR stands for private label rights. It’s where someone has created a piece of content and gives it to you for free or sells it to use as you wish.

It can be any type of content. Videos, music, written content, full-on eBooks and digital courses, you name it, it’s out there.

The crutch is that it’s not exclusive content. They’re selling it to lots of people for cheap instead of selling it exclusively to one person for a higher price.

Therefore you could end up with the same piece of content as 20 of your competitors.

I can already hear you groaning and wondering why in the world you’d ever buy content that’s not exclusive.

“That’s cheating. I started a blog to share my own experiences and write original blog posts,” retorts many a blogger after learning about PLR for the first time. I’ve heard others turn up their nose at PLR articles so many times.

Well, as a professional PLR buyer, I’ll break down the advantages for you so you can at least make an informed decision.

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Should I Use PLR Articles?

So firstly, you’ll want to edit the crap out of any PLR article you buy. I like to think of PLR as inspiration. As a longtime PLR buyer, I now subscribe to many PLR sellers. Whenever I get an email about a new PLR pack, I click through to see what the titles are.

If I come across something that I haven’t yet written about, this is a great place to start. It means there’s potential for this article to do well and it gives me a jump start on writing the article.

See, most PLR articles are between 400-600 words long. If you know anything about blog SEO, you know you need at least 1000 words to stand any chance of ranking. This means the PLR article will just be the start. You’ll need to edit it for your own voice and style. You’ll want to add your unique story and experience to the article and expand it to make it your own.

“Ugh…it’s easier if I just started from scratch.”

True…I have seen some titles that inspired me to write my own version without buying the PLR article. I have also purchased bad quality PLR that I had to edit so much I may as well have written it myself.

But still, would I have sat my butt down and wrote that article if I didn’t have that PLR as my inspiration?

In my case, chances are I would have not.

I like to think of PLR as giving me that head start, that inspiration, that motivation to get it published. It lights a fire under my ass since I spent money on the article. I have found it much easier to start with PLR and keep going till I have a great blog post ready to go.

How to Use PLR Articles to Build Your Blog

Firstly, always buy from top quality sellers that you trust. Most quality PLR sellers will have free PLR articles that you can download ever so often. This will give you an idea of their writing style and help you to make a decision on buying their paid products.

Secondly, use them to build out the content on your blog. You may have a million ideas for blog posts written down in your blog planner but haven’t gotten around to crossing off much of them as done. Starting with something prewritten is the kick in the butt you need to get it done.

Lastly, always edit. Edit like your life depended on it. Remember, someone else bought this content too. YOu’ve got to make it your own. Don’t think you need to only use it for blog content either. Here are some ways I use PLR articles to grow my blog:

  • For blog content
  • As a freebie to build my email list
  • As content to send to my email list
  • As podcast content
  • As Instagram captions
  • As Facebook captions and tweets

Hey, I’ve put together whole courses and sales funnels purchased from PLR. You can use it to do anything you want to do!

Private label rights give you full freedom to do anything with the content under your name. There’s no one to credit. It’s your content, you are the editor and you can do with it as you wish. PLR sellers will tell you directly not to try and put their name on the content you create anywhere.

The only thing you can’t do with PLR is to sell it back as is. You can do that if you purchase MRR, Master Resale Rights.

Or you can create something else using the content and sell that. For instance, you can package together 10 PLR articles and sell it as a mini ebook if you’d like.

Or you can use it to create a course and sell that. But you can’t sell back individual articles unless you purchased the MRR.

Here’s another question you may now be wondering…

Will a mix of PLR and unique articles on a website affect Google rankings?

I can answer this one from experience. I currently run 6 active blogs, all of which make money on some level. Three of them include PLR articles and of those three, one of them is my most profitable blog when it comes to ad income. It’s my highest trafficked blog and it has over 4000 subscribers currently. That blog is 90% PLR articles.

I take great care in making sure the articles are edited well. They are keyword researched and SEO’d and my PLR marketing game is strong! You can book a blog audit here if you’d like some help on marketing your articles by the way.

All those subscribers are thanks to a PLR product I purchased and I even have several eBooks on it for sale that do fairly well. All of these eBooks were purchased from PLR sellers.

Yes, you can buy full on eBooks as PLR. You can buy journals, printables, fullfledged courses, videos, sales funnels, email copy, sales pages, you can purchase almost any type of content you can imagine as PLR.

So now, you’re curious and you want to know…

Where can I get private label rights articles?

I’m going to link you to some of my favorite PLR sellers. It’s a great place to start as these sellers are already vetted by myself. Their articles help to bring me great blog traffic, subscribers and income.

From there, you’ll be introduced to new sellers via their email list. When a seller isn’t busy creating their own content for sale, they’re busy promoting fellow PLR seller content. This makes them affiliate sales so you will likely be bombarded with emails from them.

Like I alluded to before, when you come across a new seller, always poke around their website first and download a freebie.

This will tell you straight from jump if the article is likely to be trash. Don’t get shiny object syndrome and make a purchase directly from an email. Always do your research by downloading the freebie first.

I purchased lots of duds because of shiny object syndrome.

Here are the sellers I am still subscribed to because their content always hits the mark:

  • Dina at Wordfeeder – Great content for lifestyle bloggers and parenting bloggers
  • Niche Starter Packs – Great for self-improvement, home finance and gardening articles
  • Piggy Makes Bank – Self-help, health and wellness, business and finance articles 
  • Health and Wellness PLR – Lot’s of great journaling content and planners in addition to health and wellness articles.
  • Internet Slayers – I love how comprehensive these packs always are. Wide variety of health and wellness, relationships, parenting and business topics 
  • Cindy Bidar – if you’re a coach, digital marketer or online business owner, you will find this content very useful. She also makes great courses you can sell!
free plr articles for blog traffic

Free PLR Recipes

So…did you know you can even buy PLR recipes?

Trish at KitchenBloggers has one of my favorite PLR membership sites where you get 8 brand new recipes every month. That’s two new recipes every week! If you run a food blog or lifestyle blog this is a great addition to your site.

She takes amazing pictures of the recipes. Bonus tip, I do try and make the recipe for myself when I purchase PLR recipes. This gives me the opportunity to take my own pictures so I won’t have the same images as other purchasers.

I’m also able to talk about making the recipe from my experience and any adjustments I made for flavour etc. I have ranked many of her recipes on my blog and I don’t always get to make them myself first. Sometimes I do and I prefer her pictures to mine so it’s not a requirement for getting traffic at all.

Like any quality PLR seller, she has freebies you can download to see recipes and the accompanying pictures. Try three of her recipe PLR articles here.

Free PLR Downloads

So like I said, I am an avid PLR buyer. So much so that I decided to throw my hat in the game and become a PLR seller. Some of them are my original writing while others are PLR articles I bought with master resale rights.

I have gone through and thoroughly edited the MRR articles to ensure they meet my criteria for quality content. You can go ahead and download my first free offering below.

These three articles are in the self-help or personal development niche. They’re all 400 words or more and the titles are:

  • 3 Ways To Make Positive Changes in Your Mindset
  • 5 Different Ways Gratitude Can Improve Your Quality Of Life
  • How to Remove Negative Thinking from Your Life
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If you’re in this niche and these titles can help you, go ahead and grab them for your blog. They’re the types of posts that will do well to increase your traffic if you market them on Pinterest!

Use the tips you’ve picked up here to edit them and make them your own and come back for more PLR articles if you need!

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