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Blogging is a great way to express your creativity. That’s why many people start a blog. They have a story to tell and want to use their stories to help people live a better life or just to share their journey. Somewhere along the line, blogging becomes overwhelming and that’s where most blogs fail, falling to the wayside

A blogging coach can step in to help you sift through the mud.

benefits of a blogging coach

You see, there’s a lot of hats you wear as a blogger. You’re a writer, a content creator, a community builder, a graphic designer, the person who sends emails to your audience and responds to them, the person who answers comments, promotes your blog so you can increase your traffic and honey I could go on and on. It’s a fulltime job. That’s why even though there are millions of blogs and new ones started every day, very few reach many people with their blog and even fewer make a living from this career path.

There comes a point in your blogging life where you might feel like the effort just isn’t worth it. You’re seeing too few results. No one’s reading your blog and you’re certainly not making any money. Do you keep it going or do you give in to the overwhelm and move on?

A Blogging Coach vs a Blogging Course

Maybe you think you’ve hit a ceiling in a certain aspect of blogging and so you decide to seek out a blogging course to help you learn your craft. That’s an excellent decision. If you really love to blog and feel as if this could really bring you the results you seek, then a blogging course may do just that.

In this instance, I recommend specialty courses. Maybe you want to do better at graphics to create prettier pins and Instagram images to promote your blog. Or maybe you want to learn SEO so you can bring in more search traffic to your blog. Maybe you’ve decided to make money through affiliate marketing and so you sign up for a course that teaches you the inside tricks or maybe you love making printables and want to see how the greats make a fulltime living selling theirs.

A course is great to teach you these narrow aspects of blogging. But a blogging coach helps you when you realise your strategy is where you need the most help.

Can you just take a blogging course? Sure you could. But what a blogging coach will have over a generic course that teaches you principles, tactics and tools is a personal strategy customized to your needs and hand-holding as you grow. How? Well let’s take a look at all the ways hiring a blogging coach can help you to propel your blog to success.

10 Benefits of a Blogging Coach

Help with Blogging Strategy

One of the reasons you may be stuck and overwhelmed as a blogger is because you’re just kind of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. You might even be taking advice from a million different “blogging experts” which has left you confused and with a hodge-podge blog that’s not really moving the mark.

Always remember that any successful venture you undertake will have benefited from structure and strategy. There are many ways to skin a cat and every one of them might take you to the same end goal so these blogging experts might not be leading you astray, but you might want to take all of their advice and formulate your own winning strategy, or go with one of them and ride the wave with them through and through.

Free advice on the web can only take you so far. Sure, you might get to your end goal following free advice but that may take quite some time. Or you can take the faster route and choose a blogging coach that you vibe with and sign up for their premium program. This is a great way to get access to a strategy that has worked before, laid out step-by-step for you and customized to your needs and the time you have to commit to your blog.

Help to Narrow Your Niche and Identify Your Target Audience

This is an area I believe all bloggers need to concentrate on to stand a chance at monetizing. Too often, when we start a blog, we start it in a broad niche and write a wide variety of topics, then wonder why we aren’t retaining readers or growing our blog traffic.

You might have chosen parenting or gardening or healthy recipes as your blog’s category and I am here to tell you that that is too wide. You want to look at that as your overarching subject with very tight categories that are fleshed out properly to stand any chance at real growth. Read my post on selecting a blog niche for more on this topic.

A blogging coach comes in handy to help you identify your real interests and how to make it profitable. They will help you find where your audience hangs out and what their pain points are so you can come in and offer them great free content and premium solutions.

Blog Structure and Blog Post Writing

Your blog needs structure to flow properly and keep readers on your pages longer. You’ll also want to highlight things on your home page that you may not be thinking of. When I complete blog audits, your blog’s structure and how you use the best real estate a blog has to offer is one of the first things I look for.

There’s an art to writing a good blog post that attracts traffic and a blogging coach can help lay this out for you. This will help you turn your hard work of writing a good blog post into one that converts readers into buyers, email subscribers and loyal fans.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a professional blogger completely review your blog? Let me help you with that! I’ll check all aspects of your blog, tell you what’s working and what can be improved upon and I’ll give you 5 actions to take right this minute that can help you make MORE MONEY, increase your email subscribers and grow your traffic on your blog. Sounds great? Book a blog audit here.

Blog Traffic Strategies

There are many ways to drive traffic to a blog and not every way will suit your blog and your lifestyle. One of the reasons I focus heavily on SEO is because it is a much more passive way to get traffic to your blog than having to actively promote it on social media every day. As a work-from-home mom with several blogs and a freelance writing business, I choose SEO to give me the results I want without my everyday interference.

Your blog coach will teach you their ways but they should also be able to help guide you to the best traffic building strategies for you. This is something a course won’t teach you as a course is trying to cover all bases instead of helping you to focus on what’s best for your life and your niche. Some niches do great on social media while others do better focusing on SEO or community building.

Blog Monetization

This is maybe the most important reason you’re researching blog coaching to begin with. Many bloggers realize that not only does blogging get overwhelming as a time-commitment, but it can also become expensive to run as a hobby. You pay for hosting, you pay for graphic services, scheduling services, your theme, your email service provider and there are lots more you may want to invest in to help you grow your blog.

For all this moolah, shouldn’t your blog at least pay for itself so you can continue to enjoy the process of blogging? If you’re stuck in this regard and not quite sure how to make money as a blogger, hiring a blog coach can help you. I caution you to stick to bloggers who are able to build an income on a blog that has nothing to do with blogging. They should be able to show you that their strategies work in a lifestyle niche at least. If the only way they make money is by telling other people to start a blog for the hosting commission, that is a red flag for me.

WordPress Help

You blogging coach would have vast experience with WordPress and will be able to help you with technical things that you may not understand in the beginning. In fact, a good blog coach will be able to help you with lots of other technical questions you may have when it comes to blogging like what program to use to create pins or how to tinker with your theme to get it to do what you want.


This is a big one. When you’re working on your own, it’s easy to lose focus or allow time and deadlines to slip by. Having someone to report to each week holds you accountable. It’s no fun paying someone to help you achieve blogging tasks only to report each week that you’ve got nothing done. You’d be surprised how much just having a coach in your corner cheering you on and reviewing your work can help you to achieve in a few weeks what may have taken you a year.

Mastermind Effect

This is another big one. One of my favorite quotes from the book Think and Grow Rich is

Hire a Blogging Coach: 10 Ways They Help

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

— Napoleon Hill

This is a fancy way of saying that two minds are better than one and certainly a mind that’s traversed your path successfully and can give you an unbiased, expert opinion is a mind that you would want to help you on your journey.

Sometimes when you’re stuck in life, all you need is a fresh set of eyes to take a look at what you’re doing and show you how to get out of your own way.

Social Media Help

I touched on this a little when talking about traffic building strategies but it deserves more discussion. Your blog coach should be able to assess your situation, your blog, how much time you have to dedicate to growth and help you to develop a robust social media strategy to drive traffic to your blog.

This might be a focus on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or even Youtube if your niche is a great candidate for vlogging. When I start with a new blog coaching client, I always give permission to focus on just one social media platform and leave the others alone for now. It makes no point to overwhelm yourself trying to be everywhere all the time as each platform is its own beast, requiring its own strategy and time commitment.

Your blog coach will help you decide which one may be more beneficial for you to focus on until you’re comfortable adding another platform to the mix. They’ll also be able to help you develop a good strategy for growth on the selected platform.

Quick Blogging Growth

Perhaps the best benefit of a blogging coach is the expedited growth to be expected. It takes most bloggers a year, some two years, to finally figure out a system and get into a profitable groove when it comes to blogging. You might read lots of materials and feel your way around blogging until you develop a system that works for you but how long that will be for you, who knows.

Hiring a blogging coach cuts down on that time spent piecing together all the advice and strategies you read on other blogging blogs. The con here is that you will be learning one person’s way of doing things which might not necessarily be the best way for you. However, you will still be light years ahead of clueless bloggers just starting out and now you’ll have a solid foundation to customize and make it work for you.

Most blog coaching programs run from 4 – 12 weeks. In that time, you’re learning at a fast pace, all the strategies that that blogger has proven for themselves and their students thus far. The coach will have a chance to tweak the program as more and more students access their coaching, making the program more robust and valuable. You’re gaining a wealth of knowledge by choosing to hire a blog coach and putting yourself at a great advantage.

If you want to make money blogging, start seeing your blog as a business from day one. Invest in your business. Make sure you have the right tools, the right setup and the right strategy to make this business a success. My blog coaching program is 6 weeks, 1-on-1, and takes you through my step-by-step monetization process.

Want to make money online? Let’s work together. Get all the details of my blog coaching program Money Blogging Blueprint.

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