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Blogging is just a great hobby. Or is it? Can you make money blogging? Can you make REAL money blogging?


But there is a very specific difference between hobby blogging and professional blogging. If you’ve been tapping away at your blog for weeks, months or even years and have yet to make the kind of money that can give you the freedom to work at home or anywhere in the world you choose, then it’s time to change your strategy.

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A Blog Coach is the Guidance and Support Your Blogging Business Needs

Enlisting the help of a blog coach who has been exactly where you are and has built a business out of blogging from the ground up can change your life. With my help, you can achieve:

  • Financial freedom
  • The means to travel the world
  • Being able to stay home with your kids
  • A satisfying business helping others as well as yourself
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Why You Should Get a Blog Coach

You can take every course and read every blog and still feel frustrated and burnt out. If this is you, let me help. Together, we’ll cut through everything on your to-do list to focus on only those things that will bring you passive income monthly, so you can do more of what you love.

Tech Help

Want me to help you design and set-up your brand new blog? I got you! I’ve built multiple successful blogs, I’ll show you how!

Strategy Sessions

Let’s deep-dive into your goals and come up with the strategy perfectly suited for you. I’ll teach you my systems that are proven and repeatable

Blog Audits

Need to pivot from where you are now? Let’s assess what’s working and what isn’t and develop your new path


Maybe you’re a great blogger but need help with making money. I will show you the best way to monetize for your schedule and content

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Is Blogging Dead or Too Saturated?

Should you start a blog or focus on building a following on an online platform like Instagram? This is a question I get asked often.

People think that blogging is dead and becoming an influencer is the new way to build a business online.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Building a business on a network like Facebook or Instagram is shaky at best. Find out why I think blogging is still king and how to manage building your blog and online following at the same time.


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