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Finding a blog voice and personality is something I struggled with on my lifestyle blog for a while before I found my groove again.

Learn how to develop your blogging voice and tailor your unique personality to blog for money. You will also learn how to research your blogging niche.

While writing for this blog has come easy because blogging on a whole is something I’m passionate and quite knowledgeable about, I knew I needed to revamp my lifestyle blog. Here’s how I finally defined my unique blogging voice in the lifestyle niche.

Why it’s important to define your blogging voice

Your blogging voice is what will attract readers to you. It’s highly unlikely that you will be writing about anything new on your blog.

Everything has been written before but you have a unique and interesting spin to put on your content. You have a way of connecting with your readers and they will come to you for that unique spin.

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Your blogging personality is what will endear you to your readers and develop that important connection and trust. Let’s take my example. I have developed quite a connection with my readers on IrieDiva, that I know for sure.

But the fact is that the audience that I was writing for was rather small. Writing about Jamaican lifestyle, events, places etc, is rather fun and I will keep on doing that, however I needed to take a step back and look at it from a different approach.

I was writing about these things in a way that was way too familiar, only speaking to a small section of an audience that may care about these things. I was also not providing enough of the WIIFM factor. That is, writing helpful content that provides a solution or is at least highly entertaining.

WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

If you take a look at the most successful blogs, they have a certain thread in common. That is, they provide something that their audience will care about. The category that I wanted to fit in provided useful lifestyle and fashion tips to their audience.

Readers should know that they can head to your blog and read something of value that they can put to use in their own lives. The majority of blog posts should offer a valuable takeaway for your reader.

Can you write posts about your own life or events in your hometown that blogland may not readily care about? Sure, but you will need to find a way to relate this to a wider audience.

This goes back to the art of storytelling. You’ll need to write the post in such a way that even though it’s about a new store opening in your city, there’s a really interesting headline or description that made me want to read it.

Or there’s a really good lesson to be learnt from this store-opening. Find a way to relate a local story to a wider audience. I was missing this bigly.

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Competition in Your Niche

There’s another critical step I was missing in defining my own blog voice and personality. I wasn’t looking at what the big dogs in my niche were doing.

If you asked me to name a fashion or lifestyle blog I really liked, I was stumped. I had my head in the sand! Sure, there were fashionistas on Instagram I loved, but I hadn’t been to their blogs in forever.

If I wanted my blog to survive to be a big dog, I had to study what was making the others so successful.

I googled all the top lifestyle blogs and quickly saw some things I needed to change immediately. I also took note of the ones I liked and wanted to be like because different blogs will be successful for many different reasons.

There’s no need to try and implement them all. Here are some things that will help you to find your blogging voice:

  • Write down a list of the top 10 blogs in your niche that you love.
  • Take note of why you love their blog, is it their theme? Their style of writing? Their content?
  • Find the common thread that defines the reason why you like these blogs.
  • Visit their social media pages, which ones are more successful?
  • Does their audience connect with them on one platform over the other? Are they using any kind of theme or strategy on their social media pages?
  • Their audience is your audience so you need to master the avenues that they frequent.
  • Follow them on social media, comment on their blog posts and sign up for their mailing list.
  • Allow them to feel your presence and you may get noticed and be able to collaborate with them in the future or even count them as a mentor, asking them for advice on your own blogging journey.
  • Use to find their top posts. This can help you to determine the kind of content you will need to write that resonates with your mutual audiences.

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Blog Post Plan

What you’ve begun to do is define your writing style and develop your blogging personality.

Yes, it will be from your unique perspective and sprinkled throughout with your charm and wit, but now you’ve begun to identify the reason why a reader will care about the posts that you write.

Let’s take it a step further and put it in a purposeful template. With each blog post idea, ask yourself four questions:

  • What am I writing about?
  • Who is it intended for?
  • What challenges is this person having that I will be able to help?
  • What do I want them to do after reading the post?

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If you can answer all of these questions concisely then you have a good post on your hand. If not, it’s back to the drawing board. Do this for every type of audience that the post can help. If you think it can be helpful for two types of audiences, then answer all four questions for them.

Don’t dig too deep to try and find reasons, as you may be stretching for what’s simply not there. This will also help you to know where and how to market your post as you define the audience that will find your content most useful.

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Read Other Blogs

One last thing on your blogging voice, make sure you’re reading. I can’t stress enough the importance of always continuing to read. Read blogs in your niche, take blogging courses, read blogs outside your niche, read fiction books, read self-development material. The more you read, the better your writing becomes and the more you define your personal style.

Hopefully I’ve provided you with a roadmap with which to use to define your blogging voice. When you’re ready to actually write your post, check out my content creation strategy here to see the exact process I go through when I’m writing a blog post. Let me know if it was helpful by sharing this post on your favourite social media or commenting below.

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