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I have linked to KeySearch in a couple of my posts here recommending it as a keyword research tool and now want to take the time to do a full KeySearch review, breaking down exactly how KeySearch can help you to master SEO.

Storytime: Why SEO is So Critical to the Success of Your Blog

Underscoring just how important SEO is as a blogger comes at a good time right now for me. I wrote about top blogging mistakes new bloggers make recently and pinned it to Pinterest like all my other posts. This blog, at the time of me writing this post, is just two months old. That means that I’ve not yet ranked on Google for any of my posts, I’m not getting any traffic to my posts because of search engines.

I know how difficult it will be to rank for most of the content I write on this blog because the fact is that writing on blogging is a topic that is dominated by heavy-hitters, authority sites with DA and PA (domain authority and page authority) in numbers I dream of on any blog. These bloggers who teach blogging dominate the first pages of almost all the viable keywords in this niche. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible for me to ever rank here, it just means I will have to get creative in the keywords I choose to rank for and use long-tail keywords to get my slice of the pie.This keyword research tool totally upped my blog traffic and my content strategy! If you're looking for a keyword planner, this is it. It' SEO for beginners and for SEO expert looking for an optimization tool for blogging.

Pinterest Blocked My Pin: Redirector

So I have been relying on Pinterest and Facebook groups to get most of my traffic while I am new and building up my content. Pinterest is every new blogger’s best friend for getting traffic. Many bloggers, even seasoned bloggers, will tell you how Pinterest is their number 1 or 2 source of traffic. Pinterest can really bring you loads of traffic when used in a targeted manner.

So imagine the horror when I pin a pin only to hear Pinterest tell me that it is blocked because the link is a redirector. URL redirectors are a big no-no on Pinterest. They ask that you put the final landing page in the URL field when pinning and not use a link-cloaker like Pretty Links to hide the final destination of a pin. They want to cut down on spamming which is totally understandable. Somehow my pin got caught up in all of that.

Algorithm Changes and Wonky Behaviour

My link is certainly not a redirector so I have no idea why it was flagged as such. It is a huge glitch in Pinterest’s current algorithm and you may hear other bloggers complaining about the issue if you hang out in blogging Facebook groups. This is my second unfortunate run-in with Pinterest.  In my first month of blogging, they blocked my account altogether for about a month for what they say was spamming. I attributed this to the fact that not enough of my pins at the time were of other people’s pins. Too much of my own for a new account methinks. Thankfully, both issues have since been resolved.

The point of this all is that while Pinterest is great for traffic, it’s so risky to put all our eggs in one basket. We need to be relying on many different sources to send traffic to our blog. Even Google is risky. Established bloggers will tell you that they had whole blogs go under when Google changed their algorithm a couple years back and they were no longer ranked on the first page and enjoying traffic they had become accustomed to. The blogging business is rough, bruh!

The only way to truly take control of your blogging traffic is to build up your tribe and get them on your email list! But SEO is still very important and will do you worlds of good if you get it right. KeySearch has been so invaluable to me to identify keywords that make sense to go after. They have a really generous trial period to help you test out the tool and decide if it’s worth adding to your blogging arsenal.

Why I love KeySearch

There are five main things I use Keysearch for that has truly upped my blogging game:

  • Finding keywords that are fairly low competition
  • Validating my keywords before I craft my post
  • Finding additional keywords that I can add to my posts that are already on page two or three of Google. Adding additional keywords to these posts may help push me to page 1.
  • Finding out the domain authority of other blogs in my niche. Say for instance I am considering guest posting for a blog, I want to ensure that their DA is higher than mine in order for me to benefit from the backlink that I will be given in exchange for my post. It makes no sense to guest post on a site with a lower DA than yours if booting your DA is your end goal with the post. (Which it should be unless you’re doing a friend a favour)
  • Finding out the backlinks of my competitors. If I know what blogs have linked to other blogs in my niche, I can better target my blogger outreach in hopes that they will also link to me and boost my SEO ranking.

That last one has helped me loads on my lifestyle blog. I am a blogger in Jamaica and so I’ve had a really hard time finding other blogs that were just like me or close enough. It’s important to find and keep tabs on bloggers in your niche so you can see what’s working for them and what isn’t. This can help you to tailor your content and publish posts on topics that do really well because you’ve seen it do well on similar blogs.

I also didn’t have a clue where they were getting backlinks from and building their community. KeySearch has made it so much This keyword research tool totally upped my blog traffic and my content strategy! If you're looking for a keyword planner, this is it. It' SEO for beginners and for SEO expert looking for an optimization tool for blogging. easier to spy on my competitors so I can climb to the 100,000 page view status too! If this sounds shady to you and you’re thinking oh but I want to write totally unique content, or I don’t want to steal from my competitors, relax. I’m not advocating you copy them at all. What you’re doing is research. If you share a similar audience, you will want to know what type of content your audience loves and you won’t know that unless you research.

It doesn’t make much sense to write 100 posts and then analyse to see which of your content your audience loves if you can do some research beforehand and then tailor your 100 posts to your audience. Research gives you a much better chance of having content that’s loved and shared and earns you income. If you find that a popular mommy blogger has written a post on non-screen activities that gets tons of backlinks and social shares, boom, write about it too.

You’re not going to take her ideas, you’re simply going to share your own successful non-screen activities that work for your kiddos. See where I’m going. We all have a unique perspective and that’s why we read so many different books on the same topic because we’re in search of the author that we resonate with and the idea that finally sticks for us. The same principle applies.

With all that said, I’ve done a video to show you the inside of KeySearch and how to use some of the features I use the most and have success with. It’s so feature-loaded that I haven’t even scratched the surface of everything it can do yet but here’s how I use it to grow my blog.

Why It’s Important to Validate Your Keywords

One of the main things I love about Keysearch listed above is validating my keyword ideas before sitting down and crafting the post. Sometimes an idea pops into our heads for a post and we get excited and write about it, pouring our heart and soul into the content only to have it sit there not getting any page views. One way we can avoid that is by using Keysearch to tell us what the monthly search volume is like for that keyword and suggest other keywords that may be a better fit.

Keyword research on Keysearch Review

In this example, I’m doing research for a post idea on my lifestyle blog about mixing other things into your store-bought conditioner to make them better. Right way Keysearch revealed that the monthly volume was very low on this particular keyword and so it may not be best to use it as my main keyword for this article. Here, you can decide to continue on if it’s really something you want to write about or take a look at the suggested keywords they offer up.

Keysearch has great tutorials, both articles and videos that walk you through all the amazing features that they have. I have not yet scratched the surface of all they have to offer and already find it so valuable for helping me to plan my content for better long-term results. They also offer a free trial so you can check out their features for yourself before deciding if this tool is worth it. My SEO game definitely improved when I added this to my blogging arsenal. Here’s a discount code for 20% off: KSDISC

Do you currently do any form of keyword research for your blog? Confused about SEO? Join my free 5-day traffic growth challenge where I break down the basics of SEO, showing you with video and tutorials how to grow your blog’s traffic with the most important and basic SEO strategies.




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