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Blog Audit Service

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Ever wished a problogger would take a look at your blog and give you some honest and constructive feedback? Here’s your chance! This is a complete blog review going over your entire website. My blog audit service will spot any limitations in your blog design, content, SEO, email marketing, social sharing, and more! Show up for a life review where you can ask questions and get on-the-spot help or choose the prerecorded 30-minute video detailing what’s working well on your blog and what you can improve. I’ll give you 5 next steps to do immediately that I know will improve the traffic and income on your blog.

You’ll also get at least 5 buying keywords selected just for you! What are buying keywords? Keep reading below to find out.

My blog audit service is a complete review of your blog with a set of fresh eyes! I'll be looking at:

  • Logo design and placement
  • Use of prime real estate on the blog
  • Blog theme and general layout/design
  • Your menu structure and navigational links
  • Your headlines
  • Your content - length, relevancy to niche, authoritativeness, layout of the posts and more
  • SEO - keyword research, interlinking, keyword usage, on-page SEO
  • Email marketing - your opt-ins, placement of sign-up boxes
  • Social sharing - what happens when you click them, do you have all the relevant ones, placement of buttons
  • Your about page
  • Affiliate link placement and strategy
  • 5-10 buying keywords just for you!

What are buying keywords? These are keywords that reach people who are nearing the end of the purchasing cycle. They know what they want to buy already they just need your help deciding which brand. I will take a look at your content, run your blog through my SEO software, do in-depth keyword research and give you 5-10 keywords that I believe that you can rank for based on your domain authority and your content. These are keywords that if you write posts for will bring you the affiliate link clicks you've been longing for.

As you can see above, I will look at everything you haven't looked at in a while to make sure your blog is all up to scratch. You may be leaving traffic and income on the table!

Get more traffic and convert them into raving fans and customers with just a few small changes. These are things hiding right under your nose that you may not be able to see because you're so closely connected to your blog. Let me step in and take a real look under the hood and suggest some changes.

In fact, I will not only give you a strategy to work on that I believe will help you to increase your traffic and your income on your blog quickly, but I will also give you a priority list of 5 things to work on to immediately boost your blog.

It can be so overwhelming to be a blogger. We wear so many hats, we're doing all the things. Between writing content, designing pins, taking pictures, posting our blogs to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, sending emails to our list, creating more opt-ins, ugh, where does it all end! What should you focus on in order to grow?

I will tell you! My top 5 list is a client fave. Knowing exactly what to focus on over the next few weeks takes the pressure off. You will confidently attack this list knowing that the results you're looking for are not far behind!

**When you complete payment, you will receive an email immediately with further instructions and the turnaround time for your audit once you complete the checkout process. 

Ever wanted a problogger to look at your blog and give you a complete and honest review? Let me help you with that! In my blog audit, will look at your blog content, SEO, Wordpress design and layout and help you to make money online with your blog. #blogging #bloggingtips

5 reviews for Blog Audit Service

  1. Blog Audit Service


    Hey Guys I strongly recommend you get Mo to do an audit of your blog. She recently audited my blog. I’m pointing these out so that you can learn a thing or two from my experience. Here’s how I benefitted.
    1. She pointed out that my blog header was too large and using prime real estate which should be used for on Opt i with a link to a signup form.
    2. She took one of my popular posts and did a thorough critique of it. As a result, I learnt what a pillar post is and what my supposed pilar post failed to do.
    3. I now have a great idea for a site wide Optin to get new subscribers. She also gave me concise ideas of how to monetize the post.
    4. Mo also raised the issue of niching down to just one category. In time, I will do that.
    This is just a summary but every single point was illustrated with reference to other blogs or blog posts.
    Guys, if you feel like you not making progress, I suggest you get Mo’s blog audit.
    Mo, you rock! Thank you so much for this blog audit!

    Poovanesh – FamilyGrowthLife

  2. Blog Audit Service

    Madi Rowan (verified owner)

    I truly couldn’t feel more inspired & happy with how my blog audit went. This was the first time I’ve ever done a blog audit, so I really didn’t know what to expect! But wow, I am thrilled with the feedback, suggestions, & critiques Mo provided me!

    She explained everything in such a detailed & helpful way, I can’t wait to start implementing her suggestions! You can tell she knows what she’s talking about & can help get your blog to the next level! For me personally, I’ve struggled building my email list. Mo pointed out areas that I can better utilize in order to attract the right audience & she gave me a fantastic idea in regards to creating an e-book with content that I already had…something that had never crossed my mind!

    I would 100% recommend Mo’s blog audit to anyone feeling a bit stuck or just wanting to improve their blog in one way or another! The results were so much more than I expected! Mo went above & beyond! The audit left me feeling so appreciative & inspired! I’m sure it will leave you feeling the same!

    Thanks Mo!!

    Madi – Everyday with Madi Rae

  3. Blog Audit Service

    Ellen Burgan (verified owner)

    Mo provided an extremely helpful audit of my blog. She gave specifics on things I’m doing well and thing I can improve upon.

    Using SEO tools to which she subscribes, she provides improvement ideas that are backed with data.

    I will likely have her do another audit in a few months as the audit gave me so many “meat and potatoes” to chew on and use to make some big improvements. Thank you, Mo!

  4. Blog Audit Service


    I don’t think I could recommend this service enough.
    Mo doing a blog audit on my site was one of the best investments I have pursued for my business.
    She has a wealth of knowledge about blogging and how to succeed as a blogger.
    I saw results in my traffic as well as my affiliate marketing conversions in as little as one week after implementing her suggestions.
    If you are a blogger wondering how to move forward with your blog towards blogging success, I highly recommend you get Monique to audit your blog.

  5. Blog Audit Service

    Joel E Quass

    Looking for blogging help?
    If so, I say look no further than Mo.
    My Video feedback was comprehensive and contained actionable points I am already using to monetize my blog.
    She keyed into my concerns, then went above and beyond to share her insights.
    With her extensive knowledge, her price is worth way more than she is charging.

    Below is my response to Monique after viewing her Video Comments about my blog.


    I have been building websites for more than 10 years. And I have consumed everything I can learn about SEO and page rankings.

    There have been paid courses, consultations, and every bit of free content I can make time to review.
    So I feel I have a basic understanding of what ranking is all about.
    How Wrong Was I?

    In less than an hour, you opened up SEO and how to rank on Google.
    I LEARNED MORE FROM YOU as you reviewed my website than I have learned in all of my years studying how to get more traffic to my sites.

    Do not tell anyone, but you not charging enough for this service.

    I want to work with you further.
    Let me know if you have any openings for your one-on-one coaching.


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