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I use PLR content on my blogs all the time so I thought I would write a post to help you if you want to use it too. Of course, I have to start with the basics. I’m sure you’re asking the question what is plr.

What is PLR?

PLR stands for private label rights. You buy the rights to the content someone else has produced. These rights give you permission to use the content as your own. There’s no need to give credit to the creator of the content.

PLR content comes in many forms. You can buy the rights to articles, ebooks, videos audios, graphics, checklists, workbooks, entire courses and the list goes on.

I use all these types of content in my business. I frequently purchase the rights to articles, ebooks and canva templates. These are my favorite types of PLR content to work with.

Are PLR articles a good idea?

Sure they are. PLR content saves you time. You purchase content that is already done and use it as you wish.

What you want to be mindful of is that you are unlikely to be the only one purchasing this content. It is therefore a good idea to edit it as much as you can to make it your own.

PLR articles are a great starting point. Sometimes you have no clue what to write and out comes new PLR content from your favorite writers, filling the gap for you. PLR articles are usually short in nature 400-700 words. It’s a great opportunity to build upon them and create a great long-form piece.

What is plr content?

What is a PLR eBook?

A PLR eBook is a book that has been written by a writer who is now selling the rights of this book to you. You may edit the book as you wish and claim authorship.

Again, a great starting point if you wish to use eBooks to build your content-based business.

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How do you use PLR content?

Anyway you wish! When you buy PLR rights, the seller will tell you what you can and cannot do with the content.

Most sellers ask that you leave their name off the final article or product and that you do not resell the content as PLR content yourself. That’s where MRR comes in.

What is MRR?

MRR stands for master resell rights. This means that you can purchase the rights to PLR content then turn around and resell it as PLR to your own audience. PLR sellers do this from time to time.

Can you make money with PLR?

Yes, you can make money with PLR in all the ways you would make money with your own content. You can create blog posts in which you put your own affiliate links. You can put all the articles together and create an ebook for sale or simply purchase a PLR ebook and sell that. You can create a digital course with the PLR content. There are lots of possibilities.

Can I sell PLR eBook on Amazon?

You can sell low-content books on Amazon, such as planners and journals, as long as you change the cover so it is different from the PLR. This low content course is an amazing entry point into this profitable way to make money online.

If you wish to sell a PLR ebook on Amazon, you should deeply edit it first so it in no way resembles anything else that might be listed.

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The Benefits of PLR Articles

Like I said above, PLR offers amazing benefits to those who choose to use it.

I’ve seen many benefits from using PLR on my various blogs like:

  • saving time writing posts
  • creating ebooks to sell
  • creating entire courses from PLR content
  • creating videos using the PLR as scripts
  • growing my blog traffic by always having a steady stream of content to promote

I know that there is some hesitation that some may experience because PLR content is sold to many people. That means the content is not unique to you.

That’s ok. That simply means you will spend some time to edit the content and make it your own. This is still way less time than creating the content from scratch.

How to Find the Best PLR Content

It’s important to find and use writers who you love their writing style. There are definitely some shoddy PLR creators out there who use word spinners and underhanded tactics to sell you very thin and crappy content.

Always try to download free samples from the creator first. Poke around on their website. You’ll know if the creator seems genuine or is just trying to make a buck at any expense.

I have been using the same set of PLR creators for years in my business, because I know their work and can rely on them to give me GOOD original content that I can use in my blogging business.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Dina at Wordfeeder – Great content for lifestyle bloggers and parenting bloggers
  • Niche Starter Packs – Great for self-improvement, home finance and gardening articles
  • Piggy Makes Bank – Self-help, health and wellness, business and finance articles 
  • Health and Wellness PLR – Lot’s of great journaling content and planners in addition to health and wellness articles.
  • Internet Slayers – I love how comprehensive these packs always are. Wide variety of health and wellness, relationships, parenting and business topics 
  • Cindy Bidar – if you’re a coach, digital marketer or online business owner, you will find this content very useful. She also makes great courses you can sell!

So go ahead and use PLR in your business to help you grow your blog or social media channels. This is definitely a great hack for us content business owners.

Any questions about PLR? Ask them below.

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