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Are you a seasoned blogger struggling with your blog marketing? Want to make money blogging but know your blog needs an overhaul first? Tell me about it! A blog audit is an awesome tool to use to find areas of your blog that can be improved. You can do a blog audit yourself but it is so helpful to have a third-party take a look at your blog. It also helps if this person is a blogger as well and knows the ins and outs of the kind of blogging you aspire to. I’m offering to help!

How to do a blog audit to improve your blog's shareability, blog speed, traffic and overall user experience.

Why You Should Complete a Regular Blog Audit

Know the saying you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been? This is that. You need to take a look every now and then at your blogging progress. What’s working? What’s resonating with your audience and causing them to leave comments and return to your blog? What kind of posts fell flat in never-never land and what went viral? I’ve used my audit checklist to substantially grow my lifestyle blog so I know it works. This kind of information will help you to know what type of posts to keep and what kind of posts to trash or refresh. It helps you to find your audience that you will turn into raving fans. Raving fans buy products you recommend.

You’ll want to look at your social media channels as well. Which one experienced the most growth? Why is that so? Were you more engaged there? Did they bring you traffic? Should you invest more time or use that time elsewhere?

What about your content upgrades and paid products. How did they do? What type resonated with your audience more and grew your email list or converted into cold, hard cash? You’ll need to know this so you can improve upon those products and create others similarly.

Don’t Forget the Back-End Mechanics

Go through your website as a reader would. With all your hard work at blog marketing, you want to make sure that your readers are having a good experience on your blog. Are all your plugins working? When you share a post on Twitter, does it pick up your Twitter handle so you’re tagged in the Tweet? Is your Facebook plugin still relevant?

What about your site design? Is it still fresh and relevant to your niche? What are the popular blogs in your niche looking like these days? How does your blog look on mobile? How easy is it for someone to leave a comment on your posts? Are there any broken links on your site? re all your posts interwoven? Are all your posts optimized with relevant keywords and do all your images have alt tags filled out? Are there any pins or images that need to be refreshed?

Outside Help to Improve Blog Marketing

That’s a lot to think about but once you get through it all, your blog will feel so much lighter (and profitable.) Similar to how we clean out our wardrobes ever so often to make room for new outfits, it’s important to audit your blog regularly to keep it cranking. You want your blog to be a well-oiled machine, primed to make the most money or bring in the most traffic at all times.

How often depends on you. I find that I regularly go through as often as every month. It’s easier to manage and doesn’t seem as mammoth a task when it’s time to do it. The end of year audit is my biggest one. We seem to always use the end of a year to spruce up for the incoming year and I make sure to do this on my blog too. With my monthly mini audits, this task isn’t as burdensome as it could be.

It’s important to get outside help in one way or another when completing your blog audit. This could be as simple as polling your readers, asking them to complete a survey on your blog. You can also hire a blog coach to do it for you. This is especially useful if you’re making money on your blog and want to make more. Or if you want to start monetizing your blog.

We’re not all good at data

Knowing our stats is crucial to our success in all areas of life really. Blogging is no different. Dig as deep as you can into your analytics to find out how you can improve your blog and make the most of it. It’s no use doing all this content creation and blog marketing if you’re unsure of your efforts and have no clue how to take it to the next level. Have you handy -dandy audit checklist ready to go and break it up into little tasks. Do it over the course of a week and watch your blog grow.

My Free Audit Checklist Offer

If you’re not sure where to start or have never considered doing any kind of blog audit, this is for you. I offer free blog audits every month to either my email list or members of my Facebook Group. Sign up below or join my group for your chance to get this very useful diagnostic checkup for free. If you don’t want to leave it to chance, then let’s work together.

In my blog marketing audit, I’ll take a look at your blog in detail and provide you with a 12-point checklist of ways I think your blog could stand to improve. When you purchase a blog audit or opt-in below for a chance to win one, you’ll be asked to fill out a form to give me the backstory on your blogging journey thus far. You will get specific, personal, actionable steps to take to improve your blog. Let’s give it a go, shall we?

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