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Lifestyle blogging can be a slow slow process.

Despite the fact that you may be able to make a few thousand dollars a month from your blog, it’s going to take you a while to get there.

It will take months before you even start seeing any sort of return on the time and energy you put into it.

How to make money lifestyle blogging

It’s one thing I always reinforce with new clients, the work in blogging is front-loaded. Be prepared to toil away for months, seeing little returns. But once you get going, the going is good!

To be successful, you have to keep up with your blog consistently for months or years before things really start happening for you. (Not years for my clients though, they come to me to cut down on that time period.)

In this post, I am going to show you how lifestyle bloggers actually make money. I’ll also give some tips on making money blogging too!

How to Make Money Lifestyle Blogging

What is Lifestyle Blogging?

The best definition of lifestyle blogging can be summed up as below:

Lifestyle blogging is a type of blogger who writes about their personal experiences and opinions on random matters in life.

A lifestyle blogger isn’t focused on specific topics like fashion, food, or interior design. They write about whatever is on their mind at the moment, and the topics aren’t very niched down.

I’m sure you know some bloggers who are lifestyle bloggers. They’re the ones who just talk about what they’re doing for fun without really focusing on any particular topic. In fact, most people start as lifestyle bloggers, just kinda writing about things that interest them, until they find themselves a profitable niche.

How to Make Money Lifestyle Blogging

How do Lifestyle Bloggers Make Money?

Being a lifestyle blogger is simultaneously one of the easiest and hardest jobs in the world. It’s easy because you can do it anywhere and at any time. It’s hard because it takes a lot of time to get everything done.

What most lifestyle bloggers don’t realize is that they need to wear many hats when running their blog. This includes the following:

– Writing great, unique content;

– Managing social media;

– Making money online;

– Networking with other people in your niche; 

– Finding opportunities for guest posting on other blogs; 

– Handling customer service/email queries; AND  

– Reading about making money blogging in order to learn more; ETC ETC ETC

There are almost never enough hours in the day for most bloggers!

But it is possible to make money lifestyle blogging. The most popular ways to do this include:

– Selling advertising space on your blog

– Promoting products as an affiliate marketer

– Writing sponsored posts for brands that you enjoy using

– Selling your own products

– Providing services through your blog like coaching or consulting

It takes a lot of work, but there’s no reason why lifestyle bloggers can’t find a way to make money. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you!

The bottom line is that you need a strategy to make money as a lifestyle blogger, or you will be at this for a while before any money starts rolling in. That’s where a blog coach comes in. Book a free call with me here to chart the way forward for your blog.

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How Much Money Do Lifestyle Bloggers Make?

There is a huge range in earnings between successful lifestyle bloggers. Some people make millions from their blogs, while others may only make a few hundred dollars a year. The sky really is the limit here.

Each blogger has different preferences when it comes to what they will do to make money online. Some love sponsored content which is very active work, while some love the passive income that comes with ads and affiliate marketing. You just have to figure out what you’re most comfortable with.

A quick search on Google or Pinterest will reveal income reports for bloggers of all levels. You can use these reports to get an idea of how much you could potentially make blogging.

If this is your first time trying to make money from a blog, it’s highly recommended that you start with affiliate marketing because it’s the easiest way for people to make money blogging!

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Struggling to monetize your blog and earn real money from your blogging efforts? You may need to work with a blogging coach. Instead of following a tedious course, a coach can show you the exact things YOU should focus on to build YOUR unique blog. Book a free discovery call with me here. Let’s work together on your blog strategy so you can finally start earning income from your blog!

What are the Best Ways to Make Money Blogging?

As I mentioned above, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money from a blog. This strategy is pretty simple to understand and easy to implement. You can often get started with affiliate marketing in just a couple of hours!

The process begins when you sign up for an account with a program like Amazon Associates or Commission Junction. Then, you can start placing links on your site that lead directly to specific products on their websites which you would like to promote. These are called “affiliate links.”

If someone clicks on this link and purchases a product within a certain time frame (usually 30 days), then you will receive a commission from the sale at no extra cost to them! Pretty cool, right?

In order for this strategy to be successful, however, there needs to be significant traffic coming to your site. If you have low traffic then no one will see your affiliate links and you won’t make any money!

This is why I recommend that you begin building traffic on your site before monetizing. You can do so with these simple traffic tips.

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What to Write About on a Lifestyle Blog

The best niches for lifestyle blogging are ones that are popular and have a lot of potential for making money online. Some of the most popular lifestyle blogging topics are:

– Parenting/family life  

– Food & cooking  

– Fashion & beauty

– Home decorating  

– Budgeting, organization, and saving money

– Minimalism

– Fitness & health  

– Travel

– Crafts

– Relationships

These niches are all guaranteed to be huge hits with readers because there are millions of people around the world who are interested in these topics.

As you can see, lifestyle blogging isn’t always about “lifestyle” topics! Niche marketing is actually one of the best ways to make money blogging because it narrows down your audience size to people who are already excited about similar topics. All you have to do is give them what they want!

If you’re thinking about trying lifestyle blogging, make sure you upload posts regularly and make use of Pinterest to increase your traffic!

Need more traffic to your blog? Are you using Pinterest to get massive traffic for FREE from the platform? Learn how to use Pinterest the right way in my Pinterest for Blog Traffic course! This course is only $49 and will become your best tool to increase your blog traffic quickly!

Lifestyle Blogging vs Niche Site Blogging

The main difference between a lifestyle and a niche site is the focus. A niche site usually has very specific content about one topic, whereas lifestyle blogs can talk about all sorts of different things.

A niche site is also usually monetized with affiliate marketing or product reviews, while lifestyle blogs are often monetized with ads and sponsored posts. There are some exceptions to both of these rules, but for the most part, they hold true!

What Type of Lifestyle Blogs Are Out There? Lifestyle BLogging Examples

Lifestyle bloggers come from all walks of life and write on all sorts of topics. Here’s a shortlist of examples to give you an idea:

– A stay at home mom who writes parenting blog posts 

– A travel writer who records their experiences in foreign countries  

– A guy who lives a minimalistic lifestyle and writes about it

– A young woman on a weight loss journey who talks about fitness and nutrition

As you can see, anyone can start a lifestyle blog about anything! The key to success with this strategy is documenting your own lifestyle and pinpointing the right topic for your audience. If you write posts that are relevant and interesting to your readers, they’ll come back to your site time and again!

Can You Really Make Money Lifestyle Blogging?

Yes, absolutely! Although lifestyle blogging does take a lot of work to get started, there are many opportunities out there today for making money online through this method. With enough effort, you could give up your day job in favor of working from home on your own schedule.

What’s most important is eventually finding the right niche or “angle” to your blog. For example, if you’re a vegan blogger who is passionate about cooking healthy meals, you could monetize your site with affiliate marketing for vegan ingredients or advertising on your vegan recipes. You can sell meal plans and individual recipes as well as digital cookbooks too!

Blogging is STILL one of the best ways to make a fulltime income online. Take my free course How to Start a Profitable Blog today to learn how to create a blog that makes money from the start. 

How Long Does it Take to Make Money Lifestyle Blogging?

This is a common question for people who want to step away from their office job and start earning money online. It might take a few months or even a couple of years before you start seeing significant income, but it’s possible!

The one thing you have to remember about building a lifestyle blog is that you’ll only make money if your posts are popular with readers. The more targeted traffic you get, the more likely it is that advertisers will contact you for sponsorship deals. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn keyword research and SEO right away.

If you’re just starting out on your journey as a lifestyle blogger, make sure you don’t get discouraged when things aren’t working right away! Keep at it and stay positive throughout the process; success isn’t something that happens overnight! If you stick with it long enough, you could be earning money online in no time!

How Can You Make Money Blogging When No One Is Reading Your Site?

A common misconception with bloggers is that to make money blogging, you need a lot of traffic. That’s not exactly true because there are other options out there for making enough income to survive (at least in the short term).

Even before your blog traffic grows massively, there are ways to make money as a lifestyle blogger. These include:

– Affiliate Marketing: This option is probably the best one for beginners and can easily be monetized on lifestyle blogs. All you have to do is sign up with an affiliate program like Amazon Associates and start linking readers directly to products they might be interested in. You get a commission every time someone purchases through your link!

– Sponsored Posts: If your blog generates enough influence with your readers, you might be able to pitch advertisers who are interested in reaching your audience. You can charge a set fee or post for them on a per-click basis. You can also join networks that work with brands like ShareASale and ClickBank to find clients.

– Google Adsense: Although this isn’t the most lucrative option for bloggers, it is an easy way to start making money right away with minimal risk. You place Google ads on your site and earn a few dollars per thousand page views! While you probably won’t ever get rich blogging on Adsense alone, it’s good for beginners who want to keep their blog revenue as passive income. When you get to a higher traffic amount, you can then switch to a better-paying ad network, such as Mediavine or Adthrive.

– Lead Generation: Another option is creating lead magnets that readers have to give their email addresses for. For example, if you’re starting an online business with affiliate marketing, you could start building your email list from day one! When people sign up through your site, they’ll receive free tips and tricks every week. If you ever decide to make something available for purchase later on, their contact information will already be there for you to make some sales!

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Can Anyone Start Lifestyle Blogging? What’s the Catch?

Anyone can start lifestyle blogging as long as they’re passionate about the topic they write about. You don’t need any special experience or training to build your first website and start making money online!

However, you do need to be ready for some hard work. If you’re serious about making money blogging, it’s important that you put in the time and effort required. Get up earlier or stay up late writing articles if you have to; that’s what successful entrepreneurs are made of! This is key if you want to replace your 9-5 with a full-time blog.

The most challenging part of lifestyle blogging is building an audience. It might take months before your site starts generating revenue through ads or affiliate marketing deals. However, this will become easier with time as traffic increases! It takes patience but if you stick with it long enough, anyone can make money blogging at home full-time.

And if you’d like to work with a coach to help you do this, let me know!

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