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I find that lots of new bloggers are afraid to tackle SEO or simply do not know anything about it. 

If you’re a blogger looking to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) skills, there are many great courses to choose from. I’d like to introduce my Beginner SEO for Bloggers course. It’s born out of years of training new bloggers on SEO. I took the content and questions they struggle with the most and crafted a course that breaks down the most important concepts into understandable bite-sized information.

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Search engine optimization is my favorite way to get traffic to my blog because once done properly and you hit that sweet #1 spot on Google, it will take a lot to get you knocked out of the spot. 

And once you’re in that spot, the traffic just keeps on coming. 

But how on earth do you intentionally end up in Google’s top spot? That’s a difficult question because there are so many different factors that affect your getting on top of search engine result pages (SERPs).

With such a technical shadow over the topic, many people seek out SEO training to try and manipulate search engine results. Here’s what I’ve found when seeking out these SEO courses myself. 

The Problem with the Popular SEO Courses

Because of the nature of SEO, how deep into the topic you can get, how technical it can become, and how competitive it is, I find that many of the courses that teach search engine optimization have a few limitations for beginner bloggers: 

  • They are far too expensive
  • They are far too technical
  • They are geared towards business websites or internet marketers

Sure, you can sift through many of the SEO blogs out there to get beginner information but the reason people buy courses is to save time. A blogger, especially a stay-at-home blogger or one who already has a day job but is determined to win at blogging is short on time and wants the best knowledge available as quickly as possible and as affordable as possible. 

I know I fall into that category and I’m usually willing to pay to learn the tricks of the trade, reasonably priced of course, especially as a newbie. 

Tiered SEO Training

I like the idea of being able to learn in stages and purchasing more modules or courses if needs be. If you can afford it, purchasing one of the popular comprehensive SEO trainings available and going at your own pace is a great idea instead of getting overwhelmed with trying to do it all at once.

Since so many of the available SEO trainings are quite expensive, however, I created something that didn’t go as deep but would teach the basics of getting ranked quickly on Google without wasting time. 

If you are able to set the foundation for a good SEO background, it’s much easier to go back and build on that foundation instead of trying to go in and SEO everything after it’s been written. 

Ask me how I know how painful that process is. 

Beginner SEO Course for bloggers

The Best SEO Course for Beginners

This course is a fun challenge designed to take you from task to task so that you’re learning SEO without even knowing it. 

It’s like a workbook, a course, and an SEO training class all in one since you have daily tasks to do. The written content and videos behind each activity explain to you why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

It gives you the minimum and a little bit more of what you should be doing each and every time you write a blog post so that you stand a chance to rank on Google. You will be able to easily update your posts as you continue to build upon your SEO knowledge without having to go in and do complete re-writes. 

The best part is that I have tested my theories on multiple blogs in different niches. With dozens of students in several niches seeing success from taking this course, I’m confident in saying it’s the best SEO course for bloggers just getting started with SEO.

Created by Experts

Having started my first blog in 2008, this course is created with years of experience and a team of experts who know the ins and outs of SEO. This course was created with the help of dozens of successful bloggers, so you can trust that the content is high-quality and up-to-date.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The Beginner SEO for Bloggers course covers everything you need to know to optimize your blog for search engines. It includes topics like keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and technical SEO, among others.


The course is designed to be easy to understand since it was created for beginners. It includes video tutorials, written content, and practical exercises that will help you apply what you learn to your own blog.

Lifetime Access

Once you enroll in the course, you’ll have lifetime access to the content. This means you can revisit the lessons and refresh your knowledge at any time. And I routinely go in and add fresh content to the course, so you know you’re getting the most up-to-date information at all times.

An Affordable SEO Course

Compared to many other SEO courses, my Beginner SEO for Bloggers course is quite affordable, making it accessible to bloggers on a budget.

In summary, Beginner SEO for Bloggers is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and affordable option for bloggers who want to improve their SEO skills. With expert instruction and lifetime access, this course is a great investment in your blog’s success.

What to Expect from the Best SEO Course for Bloggers

The Best SEO Course for Bloggers: Learn How to Do Keyword Analysis Like the Pros

There are 8 modules in the course. Here is just a bit of what you can expect:

Introduction to SEO: This module will provide an overview of what SEO is and why it’s important for bloggers. It covers topics like the role of search engines, how they work, and the benefits of optimizing your blog for search engines.

Keyword Research: In this module, you’ll learn how to identify the right keywords for your blog. You’ll explore different keyword research tools, understand how to analyze search volume and competition, and learn how to create a keyword strategy that will help you target the right audience.

On-page Optimization: This module will cover how to optimize your blog content for search engines. You’ll learn about on-page elements like title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and image optimization, and how to use them to improve your blog’s visibility in search results.

Link Building: In this module, you’ll learn about the importance of building high-quality backlinks to your blog. You’ll explore different link-building tactics and learn how to create a link-building strategy that will help you improve your blog’s authority and visibility.

Technical SEO: This module will cover the technical aspects of SEO, including website structure, site speed, mobile optimization, and schema markup. You’ll learn how to optimize your blog’s technical elements to improve its search engine visibility.

Analytics and Tracking: In this module, you’ll learn how to track your blog’s performance using analytics tools like Google Analytics. You’ll learn how to set up tracking, interpret data, and use the insights you gain to improve your SEO strategy.

I also teach you to optimize your posts as they age so they can keep their rank or improve in the rankings. You can also use this module to update posts you wrote before you learned SEO.

Dive in, let me know if it’s helpful to you and what more could be added to it so that you can have the success you’re desiring as a blogger and let me help you make money blogging! 

Become a Keyword Analysis Pro

One of the problems that I see bloggers stumble on all the time is choosing a keyword for their blog posts. 

Whenever I do blog audits it’s one of the most common issues that arise. Bloggers either are not utilizing keywords at all for their posts or they’re going about it all wrong. 

At the very least, you should be able to identify great keywords for your blog posts. This SEO Course for Bloggers will help you to perform keyword analysis so you know what keywords to target based on a variety of things like monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, and whether or not your blog stands a chance at ranking based on the competition. 

If you know you need help with keyword research on your blog, take this SEO course for bloggers today and get ahead of the competition.

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