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PLR eBooks are great tools to have in your blogging arsenal and can be used to grow your blog into a money-making machine in a number of ways. Today I will link you to a great selection of FREE PLR eBooks and show you how you can use them to grow your traffic, email list, and blog income.

First let’s tackle the obvious questions, what exactly is PLR?

Free PLR Ebooks

What is PLR?

PLR stands for private label rights. Writers write articles, eBooks, courses, email sequences, and promotional material and sell them to those who have a need for this type of content, giving them the right to use the content within certain parameters.

Those parameters usually define whether you can use the content freely on your blog, website, social media presence or other marketing material or whether you can use the content to make a paid product. Most PLR creators will give you permission to edit the material however you see fit, use wherever you want as a free or paid product and will stipulate that you not use their name on the content. So no crediting is required, unlike photography. You are free to use the content as if you wrote it.

Any type of content can be PLR. Some creators offer audiobooks, videos, articles, ebooks, full courses already written for you, social media graphics, you name it, there’s a PLR creator that offers it.

What is a PLR eBook?

A PLR eBook is a digital book that a PLR creator has written. These are usually in multiple formats such as Microsoft Word, Notepad document and PDF formats so you can either edit the eBook for your audience before putting it out or use it as is.

These are offered in a wide variety of niches and can be anywhere in length from a few pages to 10s of thousands of words in length. Knowing the writing style of the author will help you to determine beforehand whether the eBook will be of great quality and this is why you may want to get your hands on a free eBook first.

How to Get Great Quality PLR

I’ve purchased some shitty quality PLR before. There are some people in the PLR game selling content from as old as 2008 that they’ve hoarded on a hard drive somewhere just to make a buck on the Internet. There are others who put the same article in word spinners over and over again to spit out subpar quality duplicates and offer them for sale.

These PLR sellers are also really good at convincing you that their offer is of the highest quality. As someone who runs multiple blogs, I buy PLR content a lot as a starting point for my blog posts to get content published quickly.

My number one tip for spotting good PLR is to get a free sample. Always. If a seller doesn’t have free content on their website for you to get a look at their writing style, that’s a huge red flag. They don’t always offer free PLR for download right on their website. Some will ask you to join their list to receive free content. For those, I look at their blog.

[mailerlite_form form_id=23]

The best PLR creators will have a blog because they know the value of content marketing to attract visitors to their PLR store. Check out the blog writing to see if it makes sense and matches your writing style.

When I buy PLR, I’m looking for a few things. I’m looking for length, a 400-word article is probably all fluff and no meat. I’ll have to do too much work to actually make that into a blog post. I’m looking for someone who can match my writing style at least a little, so I won’t have to do much editing before hitting publish and I’m looking for unique topics covered completely.

Especially when buying a PLR eBook, I want to know that the topic is properly researched and covered and all I will have to do is some light editing before I offer it, either for sale or as a freebie to grow my email list.

If you’re worried about duplicate articles being posted or how to edit PLR content so it is unique to you, read my post on best PLR practices here.

I have identified a few others I trust completely and so as long as their topic matches one of my niches, I have no hesitation hitting that buy button when they launch new content. And of course because they are quality PLR sellers, they have free content that you can use to decide whether you like their stuff.

Here’s my list of free PLR eBooks you can use to grow your blog. After the list, I’ll give you some ideas on how to use these for blog growth.

The Best Free PLR eBooks

It might be easier to break these down into niches so you can quickly identify a few you’d like to grab.

Free Health PLR

Jennifer from Health and Wellness PLR offers this 5-Page report on the 5-HTP Supplement. It’s a mini-eBook that’s great for anyone who writes on supplements, health and wellness or is specifically in the anxiety, depression, and chronic pain niche.

Get this free ebook here.

She has some really great complementing products for her free eBook should you decide you like it. Try the Women’s Health Bundle which includes articles and another eBook as well as her Ways to Deal with Anxiety eBook. Be sure to scroll to the end of this article for some ideas on how to use these eBooks to create multiple pieces of content.

Here’s another completely free pack of 10 articles in the general health and wellness niche from a content creator I love.

Free Diet and Nutrition PLR

Jennifer also has a free eBook all about artificial sweeteners. This will be a good one for anyone who writes about weight loss, the keto diet or any special diet that focuses on reducing sugar and general lifestyle blogs.

JR from Internet Slayers is one of my favorite PLR writers ever and writes a lot in a wide variety of niches. She’s one of those PLR creators that will ask you to join her list to receive free PLR content but it is worth it! She sends out a freebie every week. Here’s one blog post of hers where she gives 5 tips on content marketing to drive traffic to your blog.

Here’s an eBook of hers with supporting articles and even editable infographics on the topic of Vegetarianism for Beginners. With so many people going plant-based now, this is a great PLR pack to grab if you write in this space. She also does a lot of keto content, here’s one that you will love, it’s so much content!

Find a wide variety of health, wellness, diet, and nutrition PLR for free and for sale here.

Personal Development PLR

Settings goals and creating habits is a hot topic in the personal development space. Here’s a pack of 5 articles on creating new habits that is completely free. It’s from one of the PLR stores that I purchase from quite often, so I can vouch for the quality.

In the general personal development space, this eBook with accompanying articles may be what you’re looking for.

Another hot topic, this PLR pack is actually in the form of a 7-day challenge to makeover your morning routine. This makes it easy to create a free course or email challenge for your list!

If you like the idea of a challenge, this 30-day challenge to positive mindset and self-growth is a good one for your audience. Here’s a tip, I’ve used one of these same 30-day challenges from this PLR author to create a full-fledged course! You can get really creative when purchasing PLR, don’t be limited to the way the content creator has framed it.

For motivational PLR eBooks and content, you may want to check out this complete PLR package, and there’s another complete package here that will provide great blog content and freebies.

Free PLR Printables

Where can you find free printables that you can offer your audience?

Well, how about adult coloring pages, planners and journals? Adult coloring is a huge niche I’ve come to realize. I know this because I often offer them on my personal development and motivation blog and they get eaten up. Pinterest traffic loves free printables of any kind.

Rayven is my go-to for coloring pages, planners and journals. Here, she offers a Warm Fuzzies bundle for free! You’ll need the code FUZZIES to get it for free. She also has lots of premium coloring PLR in her shop.

Learn how to make money online selling printables

Free Weight Loss PLR

Anyone who’s in the weight loss niche will want to offer their readers a meal plan. Niche Starter Packs has a free mini-eBook that you can check out here.

If you want to offer your readers a complete weight loss planner, you may like this one. It’s a complete low content planner that you can customize and sell as a PDF on your blog and even offer it on Amazon, who will print it and ship it to your customers for you!

Here is a giant Weight Loss PLR pack that includes eBooks, articles, infographics and social media material for you to use on your blog.

Free Internet Marketing PLR

Blogging, social media and Internet Marketing is a hot topic online and people cash in on it left right and center by using prewritten content.

Since blogging is my passion, I actually enjoy writing my own articles and tutorials. It’s the one blog I have where you’ll find zero PLR content. But, I will admit to using PLR as the basis of one of my first courses. I have the knowledge and all the information was already written up and packaged. All I had to do was edit it to my writing style and update the tutorial sections to what works now since the Internet changes rapidly.

Take advantage of prewritten material if you’re in this niche and save yourself a ton of time. Here are some of my favorite competent Internet Marketing PLR writers.

Free business planning bundle here. Free email marketing tips here. Free personal finance PLR here.

How to Use PLR to Grow Blog Traffic

So, how can you use PLR ebooks to grow your blog traffic?

First, the obvious way, you can give away these eBooks as freebies to grow your email list. Free eBooks, journals, planners and meal plans have been one of the best ways I’ve grown my email list rapidly. You should join my free 5-day email list-building course if you’re not sure how to grow your list or why you should be concentrating on this.

You can also use free eBooks as content on your blog. I am notorious for taking eBooks and breaking them up into individual blog posts. See, your blog establishes authority in search engines the more you write about a topic in its entirety. An eBook makes this super easy to do because it’s tackling one subject topic by topic from various angles. This is great for SEO!

You can also use these eBooks to begin creating your own product! Whether you’re creating your own eBook for sale, paid digital downloads or even an online course, PLR content is a great starting place. If you’re not big on design, using a premium template to design your PLR content will make launching your own digital product a breeze.

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