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If you’re serious about using your blog to make money, you’re probably considering taking a blog course or two. You might be reading some of your favourite how to blog bloggers (am I one of your faves yet?) and really loving their content. You’re loving it so much, you’re itching to pull the trigger and buy their course. I’ve got a tip or two for you before you make that hit.

How to do any of the best blogging courses for free. This post will help you to decide whether that blog course you're considering is worth your time and money.


Why You Should Take a Professional Blogging Course

Now, I’m not saying not to pay for courses. Oh noooo. I have my own course in development so, never that. The best blogging training courses out there will skyrocket your blogging business, bringing in traffic and money in your pocket if you apply their strategies.

A blog course or blogging workshop or whatever is an investment in your business. It signifies that you’re actually taking this serious and you’re willing to put in the work.

How to blog courses are not for the casual blogger and aren’t for new bloggers either. If you’re a new blogger, take a free course. I promise you there are some really great ones out there. 99.8% of free courses are funnelling you to purchase a paid course from the instructor but at least the free course will allow you to decipher if you like their teaching style. It will also help you to figure out if they really know what they’re talking about because a free course should still offer some value. A free course will take you from point A to point B while a paid course should take you from point D to Point H at least. The gap in between is the work you’re putting in on your own. Don’t rely on courses for everything.

A good blogging course will save you countless hours of researching the information on hundreds of blogs if you were to try and teach yourself the best blogging strategies. A good course will set you off on a solid roadmap to the money and save you all the fumbles bloggers usually make on their rise to the top.

Here’s How To Do The Best Blogging Courses For Free

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