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Complete Tailwind Pinterest Marketing Tutorial plus the top Tailwind Tribes to join to get more traffic to your blogOne of the tools I use to get more traffic to my blog is the Tailwind App. This one tool can explode your blog traffic in a number of ways with its Pinterest and Instagram integration.

Plus the analytics inside the tool are top notch and allow you to strategise and make the most of your time spent blogging and marketing your content.

Tailwind is an app that allows you to schedule pins on Pinterest and posts to Instagram directly.

Imagine being able to spend a few hours each month scheduling your whole month out, freeing up your time to concentrate on other blogging tasks such as creating killer content.

Pinterest is my top traffic driver to all of my blogs currently and so I’m super grateful that I can schedule my pins using a Pinterest-approved scheduling tool to make my life easier and maximize that traffic even more.

I also make most of my affiliate income online through Pinterest (and I teach a course showing you how to do the same) so you can be sure that Tailwind is a huge part of my income-earning strategy.

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Here’s how I integrate this Pinterest scheduling tool into my blog marketing efforts to get the most bang for my buck.

Set Up Your Pinterest Profile and Keep It Optimized

Upon logging into Tailwind, the dashboard has a few insights that are very useful to help you keep your Pinterest account in top shape and a bird’s eye view on your analytics.

Tailwind App Dashboard

If for instance I’ve added a new board recently and have forgotten to update the description of the board, here Tailwind has brought this to my attention. This post explains why your board descriptions are a critical part of your Pinterest SEO strategy.

I can also see right away how many repins I have received this week versus last week and how many of those repins are from my website. This gives you a quick look at your growth from week to week.

Set Up Board Lists to Automatically Pin to Many Boards with One Click

Board lists allow you to group all your related boards in one list and then scheduling pins to go out across your list in intervals.This helps to avoid having your profile look spammy by sending out your new pins to all your group boards at once. Instead, this makes it super easy to trickle it out over time and in between other pins.

Tailwind App Board lists tutorial

You can find boards lists on the menu to the left under “Publish”

Tailwind App Board lists tutorial

You can see that I have all my relevant boards grouped by niche and I also have my general niche boards in several of the same lists. This means I can pin my parenting pins to all my mommy and general group boards at once.

Take some time to set up your board lists inside Tailwind once you sign up for your account. (Using that link not only gives you your first 100 pins free, it also give you your first month free should you love Tailwind as much as I do and choose to sign up for a paid plan! SCORE!)

You’ll notice that I highlighted the iOS mobile app and browser extensions buttons on this screen. These will come in quite handy later on in this post.

Tailwind App’s Optimized Time Slots and Smart Schedule

Tailwind App Smart Schedule and Optimized time slots

After setting up your board lists, you’ll want to head over to your schedule and set things up. It’s right above board lists under “Publish” in the menu. Mine is already all set up but when you’re new it will take you through a few things in the getting started menu to the right to help populate your time slots.

Over time, Tailwind will analyze your account and begin to give you suggestions to add to your schedule for times that you usually get high repins. You can simply click on these to add them to your schedule.

If you’re on the yearly Tailwind plan, you can pin an unlimited number of pins so you can add these to your heart’s delight. The monthly plan gives you 400 pins per month.

Schedule Pins From Pinterest or Any Website

How to schedule pins with the Tailwind App

Once you’ve installed a browser extension, you’re ready to begin pinning pins. You can schedule from anywhere with this nifty tool. Here I am scrolling my Pinterest smart feed and notice a pin that could use some love.

It’s been a while since I’ve pinned this pin and it’s very important to keep repinning you own pins so I’m going to schedule this pin to go out over all of my “How to Blog” boards on my list. Click the little Tailwind button and this screen will pop up:

How to schedule pins with the Tailwind App

Clicking in the “Type a Board Name” box shows me all my board lists at the top. It also shows you how many boards are in each list.

How to schedule pins with the Tailwind App

I click on my “How to Blog” list and it populates the field with all the boards in the list. This allows me to remove any boards that I may have only recently pinned this pin to. You can see here that I’ve already pinned this pin to a few boards, highlighted by the yellow box around them.

By clicking on the yellow exclamation button highlighted in the above screenshot, Tailwind will tell you when last you pinned this pin to this board.

That’s great to help you determine whether or not it’s OK to go ahead and pin it to this board again, depending on how much time has passed.

How to schedule pins with the Tailwind App

At the bottom of the list of boards, it will have two buttons: Schedule Now and Interval. Click on interval first so that your pins do not go out one behind the other to all your boards. Interval has several options.

It allows you to utilize either the next available time slots in your queue, only optimized time slots or exact time slots if you want to control this.

Click on one, set your interval and schedule your pin. I have my interval above set at every 12 hours. You’ve now scheduled one pin to go out across several boards over time and won’t have to worry about adding it to your group boards individually.

Utilizing Tailwind Tribes, My Secret to Blog Traffic

How to schedule pins in Tribes with the Tailwind App

Inside the same little schedule window, there’s a button to add your pin to tribes. Before clicking on schedule, click on this button to also submit your pin to your tribes as well.

Tailwind Tribes are like Pinterest Group Boards on steroids. A tribe is a group of people who commit to sharing each other’s pins. Whereas a group board is great for exposing you to one group board owner’s audience, a tribe will expose you to a varied audience of pinners depending on all the people who choose to share your pins with their followers.

It’s also much easier to stay fair in a tribe since the tribe owner can easily see your ratio of pins submitted to other people’s pins shared and if they’re like me, they stay on top of kicking out people who are unfair.

I get a good amount of traffic from my Tailwind Tribes! Here’s an invite to join my tribe for all niche of bloggers. This is the last Tailwind summary email showing a snapshot of my Tailwind Tribes are doing right now.

top tailwind tribes for blog traffic

Notice that some tribes get way more repins than others. These are probably tribes you want to join to boost your traffic!

Remember that the little button to schedule pins will come up not only on Pinterest but also on any blog or website that you are on, allowing you to quickly and easily schedule 3rd party pins to your Tailwind queue.

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_3]

Shuffling Your Tailwind Queue

When I just started using Tailwind, I always forgot to click the interval button when scheduling my pins and so would have all my pins lining up one after the other inside my Tailwind queue.

To quickly fix this, I went inside of my schedule and hit the shuffle button, then all was right inside my Pinterest non-spammy profile world again.

Now you can see inside my queue that the same pin is scheduled to go out today to a couple of my boards but will be separated by other pins so my profile won’t look like a spammy repetitive profile.

Complete Tailwind Pinterest Marketing Tutorial plus the top Tailwind Tribes to join to get more traffic to your blogGetting The Strategy Right for The Most Traffic ROI on Your Time

Believe it or not, there’s still so much more to utilize inside of the Tailwind app.

Things like the board insights and a 3rd party pinning strategy I use to pin to the right boards at the right time for the most bang for my buck.

As bloggers, especially if you’re a blogger who isn’t yet making enough money on your blog to outsource all the things yet to a virtual assistant, it’s important to have a solid strategy for all your efforts.

This is especially important when using a paid tool so you’re not just shooting the air hoping that something gets hit, potentially wasting money.

My blogging business exploded when I found a good Pinterest strategy. Ready to take your blog to the next level? My new Everything Pinterest ebook will teach you everything you need to know to drive BIG traffic to your blog and MAKE MONEY ONLINE. Grab the book here and let’s make some money with your blog!

If you’re tired of creating incredible content every day that’s not being discovered or making you any money, this course will help you to tip the scale in your favour, finally.

I truly hope you found value in this post and will pin it to your audience! Do you currently use Tailwind to help you with Pinterest? Whats your current Pinterest strategy like?

Remember you can sign up for a free Tailwind trial here