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Trying to find Pinterest group boards that are high quality and accepting contributors an be a pain in the ass. This article will guide you in doing this task much more efficiently and with a higher success rate than you’re used to. 

4 Ways to find Pinterest Group Boards that will explode your blog traffic! These tips make it super easy to get onto good pinterest group boards that get your blog pins shared far and wide #groupboards

Aaaahhhhh Pinterest group boards. Nifty little things that can explode your blog traffic but can they also make you wanna rip your hair out trying to get onto the good ones.

If you have no clue what a Pinterest group board is or why you should be sniffing out the good ones to join, you want to read through this post with my top 27 tips for using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. 

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So, what is a Pinterest Group Board anyway? Let’s get into that.

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Pinterest Group Board Definition

A Pinterest group board is a board that belongs to someone who has opened it up to collaborators. These collaborators have accepted invitations to pin to this board.

If I have a board on blogging and I want to invite other expert bloggers to collaborate with me on this board, I can open it up to be a group board. Once they accept my invitation to join my board, it becomes a group board and now all my followers can see pins added to my board by these collaborators.

So there were several key elements there I want to make sure you understood.

A group board belongs to only one person, the person who created the board.

All other members of the board are collaborators. When you join a group board and pin to it, your followers do not see the pin unless they are also following this group board.

The followers that will see the pin are the group board owners followers.

This means then that if you have a small following, you can apply to become a collaborator on a board with a larger following. Once accepted, your pin will be seen by all those followers of the group board.

I hope I broke that down easily enough for everyone to understand. I know Pinterest can be a confusing place.

4 Ways to Find Pinterest Group Boards That Will Explode Your Blog Traffic

What Type of Group Board Should You Join?

There are several key elements that make a Pinterest group board good for blog traffic. You want to join a board that

  1. has a good amount of followers
  2. is in a niche that you write about
  3. has high engagement or repin rates

Pinterest uses board names to help it determine what a pin is about. That means that adding your recipe pin to a board called “The Best of Pinterest” is probably not doing your pin any good.

Remember that in all things blogging, keywords are extremely important. This is the same on Pinterest since it can be considered a visual search engine.

The number of followers the board has is less important to me than the name of the board. For instance, on my lifestyle blog, I have several strong niches I write about. Natural hair being on of them. I tend to join any natural hair board I can get onto even those with a smaller following than I do because that board is so targeted that all of its followers are obviously very interested in that particular topic.

That means I want to make sure that my content gets a chance to be seen by them.

How to determine high engagement and repin rates of a board is something I teach in Everything Pinterest. You can grab that if you want to learn more about using Pinterest to grow blog traffic and income. Let’s get into the 4 ways to find Pinterest group boards to join.

4 Ways to Find Pinterest Group Boards That Will Explode Your Blog Traffic

How to Use Google to Find Pinterest Group Boards to Join

One thing that many people don’t realise is that if you simply search “join my Pinterest group board’ and you’ll find a bunch of blog posts, like this one, that are encouraging you to join a blogger’s group board.

You’ll need to skip back to maybe page 5 or 6 or so of the search results to find these posts because the first bunch of pages will be more along the lines of this post, telling you all about Pinterest group boards and how to find them.

You can also do a search for something like “Pinterest group board for mom bloggers” or “food blog Pinterest group board”

Using Facebook Groups to Find Group Boards

There are whole Facebook groups dedicated to nothing more than listing group boards and finding group boards that are open. Then there are Facebook groups dedicated to sharing Pinterest pins that have a day where they allow you to advertise open group boards.

Do a search on Facebook for Pinterest groups or download this list of Facebook groups for bloggers that help you to grow not only your blog traffic but your social media accounts as well.

Stalking Other Blogger’s Pinterest Accounts

One of the easiest ways to find group boards to join is simply going on your favourite blogger’s Pinterest page and seeing what group boards they belong to. This way you can apply to join the boards they are in.

The problem with this method is that very established bloggers tend to belong to large group boards that are no longer accepting collaborators so this method may not be the most fruitful. In fact, it can be so frustrating.

I like to use the first two methods more since the board owners themselves are the ones telling you their board is open and inviting you to join their board.

How Many Group Boards Should You Join

As much as you can! I am on over 200 and I’m still looking for more to join for different topics as I write. You can have over 500 boards on your Pinterest profile so don’t worry about having too many boards.

Pinterest has also recently allowed you to organise your boards by the date you joined, by name of the board and by drag and drop (so you can say … put your most important boards at the top of your profile) so this makes it easier for you to keep track of them all.

I also have a spreadsheet with all of my boards which assists me in my Pinterest strategy.

How to Create Your Own Group Board

To create your own group board, simply go to the board and click on edit. You will see the slot where you can invite a collaborator.

Owning a group board is a great way to get more followers on Pinterest since in order for collaborators to be added to a group board, they generally have to follow you first.

How to Leave a Pinterest Group Board

To leave a group board, navigate to the board you want to leave, click on edit then scroll down to your name in the list of collaborators and click remove. I leave group boards from time to time when they become spammy and off-topic. I wouldn’t leave once simply because the engagement is low, I’d simply stop pinning to it and focus on other boards.

This board may pick up again in the future and it doesn’t hurt to keep your access to it just in case. Schedulers like Tailwind will help you to monitor the health of a board so you’ll be able to quickly see which boards are doing well. All things I teach in my course.

I hope this post helps you on the frustrating quest to find great group boards to join. If so, please leave a comment below and share it with a friend.

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