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Hello! How’s it hanging? I’m so happy you decided to check out everything I have here that can help you start your blog or take it to the next level. This page will help you to navigate all the resources here to help you build a killer blog.

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If you want to get to know the gal behind the blog check out my very first post where I intro’d myself and told you why I felt qualified to help you on this journey.

This post houses all networking resources that belong to this blog. Hit it up if you want access to my FB Group, Pinterest Group Boards or Tailwind Tribe.

Here’s the ultimate guide to starting a blog. Read it then grab your free checklist to make sure you’re not skipping a step on your blog set up or optimizing it for maximum traffic and security.

Do you Pinterest? Do you know that Pinterest is the number one driver of traffic to many blogs? It’s a powerhouse! Check this post here to make sure you’re Pinteresting right. 😉

Hopefully, you’re not relying on Pinterest alone for your blog’s traffic. That’s scary. This post will guide you on creating killer content with simple steps to search engine optimization that will bring you traffic months, years after your social media share has died.

Now, why not throw Facebook in the mix? Facebook is the number one social media network still and shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to growing your blog’s audience. There’s a way to do it better, though.

Now that you’ve grown your blog using social media and a bit of SEO, it’s time to deep dive into SEO and learn all you can from the start. Here are a few posts on SEO for bloggers to help you get started. 

How to Do Keyword Research

Why You Need a Keyword Research Tool and my Favourite Affordable Option

SEO for Bloggers, The Ultimate Guide

My SEO for Bloggers Course – A Beginners 14-Day Challenge with daily tasks to help you learn SEO by doing! 

Ever wondered how bloggers make money? This post will explain how.

How long will it take you to make REAL money as a blogger? Some expert bloggers weigh in on their journey here

Struggling with blog traffic? Here are 21 of my best tips to get more traffic to your blog.

Lastly, I hope you’re not still using a free hosting solution for your blog. That spells trouble in a number of different ways plus hinder your money opportunities immensely. Check this post to see why you’re leaving money on the table if you continue to host for free.

I hope you’ll join my Facebook blogging community here. I go live every Friday sharing blogging tips and doing free mini blog audits! You can also check out my services page if you’d like to get personalised blog coaching or hire me as a VA.

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