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This is a sponsored post that is part of a paid promo but all views expressed are my genuine opinions. I was sent a copy of the Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book to review and I have to tell you, I was super excited. I know of Russell Brunson from Clickfunnel fame, a wildly popular funnel management and affiliate marketing software system. I also know that he rubs shoulders with other internet marketing giants like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Book Review

I was really interested to hear some insights from an Internet marketer who had become a household name and was earning a purported eight figures from the dotcom industry. This book, Traffic Secrets, The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers, promised to share some “secrets” to filling funnels with your ideal audience. There are 20 “traffic secrets” in the book arranged into three sections:

  • Your Dream Customers
  • Fill Your Funnel
  • Growth Hacking

I set my intention to use the secrets in this book to help me build out my blog coaching funnels better and fill my funnels with my ideal customer so I can keep a steady stream of blog coaching clients in my business. I’m not done reading the book yet and will update this post once I’m done but here’s what I’ve learned so far. It’s definitely been enough that I wanted to share the book with you to help you fill your own funnels too. I’m also sharing updates on social media as I read in a 30-day Traffic Secrets challenge on Twitter so follow me there for daily updates.

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets: Your Dream 100

I think the biggest takeaway for me so far was the concept of finding your Dream 100. I’ve written about finding your intended audience but I never thought of it the way Brunson broke it down. It was my first aha moment while reading the book and this is only secret #2.

So who is your dream 100? It may sound like you’re defining your ideal audience member and going to hang out with them where they hang out, but this concept hacks that to another level. Brunson suggests that you first define who that audience member is and then find the forums they hang out in, the Youtube channels they watch, the influencers they follow, the podcasts they listen to and even the email newsletters that they’re signed up to and put these on the list of your dream 100.

That seems pretty straight-forward. I’ve always preached to my clients that they need to be hanging out where their audience does. But here’s the second part of the Dream 100. It’s not stopping at simply joining these audiences alongside your dream customer, it’s becoming buddy-buddy with the owner of that audience.

So if a Youtuber has a following of people who are also your ideal customers, position yourself to network with this Youtuber and get in front of their audience.

If an influencer has a sizeable following of people who would also be interested in your business, how can you get in front of that influencer’s audience?

I thought this was a genius idea. We see it of course happening all the time where big youtubers collaborate with each other or where people seek out podcasts to be interviewed by in order to be introduced to that podcast’s audience.

These collaborations are done with the hopes of capturing the attention and buy-in of some of that other person’s audience but the way that book broke it down into an easy-to-follow plan of action just brought the whole concept home for me. It made it really easy to etch out how to scale my audience rapidly.

Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets Book

With the ideas flowing ever since I’ve started reading Traffic Secrets, I already know I want to get all three Russell Brunson funnel hacking books in his secrets trilogy.

Expert Secrets promises to be the playbook that helps you to convert your online visitors into lifelong customers. It’s 100x easier to sell to someone who’s already bought from you than to go out and get a brand new customer so I’m all about that life.

Dotcom Secrets breaks down how to grow your online company with sales funnels. This I’m getting because SEO and affiliate marketing might be my jam but email marketing might be something that I invest more time in learning to build my sales numbers here.

Of the three secrets books, which do you think may be most helpful to you in your blogging business?

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