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One of the things that new bloggers agonize over before launching a blog is the theme. Is this you?

I’ve gathered an awesome selection of free and premium feminine blog themes for chic and girly websites and WordPress blogs that deliver all the things you’ll need for a money-making blog.

I’ll start with the free ones that still manage to deliver an awesome experience for your readers while giving you the capabilities you need to run a smooth website.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going with a free theme. I do advise that you upgrade to a premium theme as soon as you can as these are updated more regularly and less likely to suffer from a security lapse or successful hacking attempt.

If you’re wondering, the theme that I use for all my blogs is Divi by Elegant Themes. It is an excellent drag and drop theme that requires no heavy lifting to get started right away. It includes a huge selection of layouts for every niche that even if you suck at design, everything it all laid out for you.

The annual fee also allows me to use this theme on as many blogs I’d like and I do just that. Each of my blogs look different because of all the incredible layout options that Divi offers.

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Free Feminine WordPress Themes

Vandana Lite

free girly wordpress theme

Vandana Lite packs an impressive punch for a free theme. It features a large header with an email capture built-in, sticky content on the home page, a shop, is mobile friendly and perfect for bloggers and coaches. I love the announcement bar at the top of the page and that the layout is perfect to begin with, not much tinkering needed especially if you’re a newbie that’s not tech-savvy.

Girlie Lite

free feminine wordpress theme

The Girlie Lite theme offers a featured post slider, highlights for important posts, pages or products and a widget-ready sidebar. The footer area is neat and offers social follow buttons and an about blurb.

Free Mary Kate WordPress Theme

pretty free wordpress theme

This beautiful Mary Kate theme is responsive, meaning it will work well on mobile devices, minimalistic and girly. It will satisfy the needs of the simplistic lifestyle, fashion or mommy blogger wanting girly elements within their theme.

Find the free version here.


free wordpress girly theme

Pashmina eliminates the big header image and allows you instead to offer featured posts right at the top of the page. This free theme offers custom colours and allows for banner advertisements on the homepage.

Premium Feminine Blog Themes

Vandana for Bloggers and Coaches


I truly think Vandana by Blossom Themes is the perfect WordPress theme for bloggers and coaches out there right now that’s simple to set up and easy to use. If you want to change the colors, the header, the homepage layout and truly make it your own, you should spring for the premium version. You will also get lifetime support for the theme by purchasing the premium version and this is very important so that your theme keeps up with all of the many WordPress updates and prevent successful hacking attacks. It’s also super affordable for lifetime access. This is one of those things you don’t want to skimp on for your blog. Get yourself a premium, well-supported, gorgeous and easy to set-up theme.

Aileen WordPress Theme

aileen wordpress theme

Aileen is a super-affordable chic and girly WordPress theme that also has shop elements built right in. It has several home page layouts to choose from and will help you to get started with a very pro-looking blog with a way to sell your digital downloads or physical products built right in.

Creative Market is a great place to get creative digital assets for your blog. The Aileen theme is from there as well as a ton load of other WordPress themes. I’ve also used them to get fonts for Canva to create my logos and loads of elements to create outstanding printables. Check out their themes here.

Isabelle WordPress Theme from BluChic

15+ Amazing Feminine Blog Themes - Free and Premium Chic Wordpress Themes for Bloggers

The Isabelle WordPress theme is a delightful WordPress theme for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. It comes with everything you will need, email newsletter sign up, social media icons, highlight boxes on the homepage, a slide show and a gorgeous grid theme to showcase highlights of recent posts.

ChicServe for WordPress Theme for Service-Based Businesses

15+ Amazing Feminine Blog Themes - Free and Premium Chic Wordpress Themes for Bloggers

If you’re a virtual assistant, social media manager, life coach, freelance writer or another service-based business owner, you may want to check out the ChicServe WordPress theme. Its lovely feminine touches put your professionalism front and center, showcasing your expertise and offers along with client work and testimonials, making it easy to sell your services.

Isabelle and Chicserve are from BluChic Themes, a very fun theme market that offers lots of feminine themes and child themes for Divi. They also offer loads of templates for Canva such as ebook templates, 5-day challenges and more. Check out everything they have to offer to make your business offers look great.

StudioPress Themes

15+ Amazing Feminine Blog Themes - Free and Premium Chic Wordpress Themes for Bloggers

Studiopress is a theme market with some absolutely beautiful, professional themes. If you want to make money from your blog and turn it into a thriving business, I would go with one of these themes.

They’re all optimized for SEO, email marketing and selling your products and services. Even if you do not use all of these features immediately, it’s nice to be able to grow with your theme instead of having to do a complete overhaul when necessary.

Food Blogger Theme

15+ Amazing Feminine Blog Themes - Free and Premium Chic Wordpress Themes for Bloggers

The Foodica theme is quite chic! It comes with several front-page layout options and 10 different color schemes making it easy to bring your vision to life. You’ll notice sticky posts at the top of the page allowing you to send traffic to your most popular posts as well as a shop page for meal plans and cookbooks.

chic wordpress themes for bloggers

Fun, Unique WordPress Theme

15+ Amazing Feminine Blog Themes - Free and Premium Chic Wordpress Themes for Bloggers
15+ Amazing Feminine Blog Themes - Free and Premium Chic Wordpress Themes for Bloggers

If you’re looking for something really fun and different, check out this incredibly unique WordPress theme. It features an abstract header that’s very graphically artistic and a block layout for the posts that looks almost Instagram-esque.

This theme would be awesome for a fashion, beauty or lifestyle blog that’s really full of personality. It also has a shop page so you’re covered when you’re ready to monetize your blog.

Like I mentioned above, I use the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. I love it for its drag and drop functionality and ability to be customized in a bunch of different ways.

Plus the membership price allows me to use the themes on any number of sites that I want. You can see how I laid it out differently for my lifestyle blog here. There are loads of layouts so all you’re doing is changing the information on each page. Check out my awesome blog coaching sale page here that took me 5 minutes to set up.

I hope I’ve helped you to select a theme for your blog, whether you’re starting a brand new blog or redesigning your existing blog.

Remember to get it set up with the proper security plugins to keep your hard work safe and check out the post where I identified mistakes that many new bloggers make so you can avoid these while setting up shop.

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