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One of the common questions I answer in my free email marketing course is how to build an email list from scratch. Still, many bloggers struggle with creating a content upgrade or freebie that they think will be of value to their audience. For these bloggers, I recommend a quiz generator service like Interact.

Interact is an awesome tool that allows you to create quizzes that capture emails and it connects with many of the popular email service providers. You can share the quizzes directly on social media if you’d like, eliminating that step of needing someone to come to your blog first before they have access to the quiz, and your email list.

The best part about it all is the vast amount of quiz templates ready to be shared. I’ve already created one that asks the question, Do You Have The Blog For Profit Mindset? It was an entrepreneurial mindset quiz that I simply tweaked a few of the questions to tailor it to what I know the blog-for-profit mindset needs and I was able to launch the quiz in just a few minutes!

Here, give it a go! It’s a really fun, quick and simple way to interact with your audience and to ask questions that can funnel them towards something you’d like them to opt into! For instance, this quiz funnels into my how to start a money-making blog email series if you decide to enter your email before revealing your results.

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There are loads of different types of quizzes inside the interface too! And you can request a quiz template if you have an idea and you don’t see anything quite like it. Of course, you could also just create your own quiz from scratch.

A Snapshot of their Fun Free Quizzes

fun marketing quiz by online quiz maker interact

Just a handful of the many quizzes inside the dashboard that you can customize and use to create your lead generating quiz. It’s connected to so you’re able to search free stock photography to make your quiz pop or upload your own photo to make it even more unique.Email Marketing Inspiration: How to use a fun personality quiz to get more email subscribers.

Create a Data-Driven Marketing Quiz

With the tens of thousands of quizzes created on the Interact platform, both free and paid, they have a vast amount of data at their fingertips that tell them things like what type of quizzes do best, what type of headlines and images you should include and so on. Therefore if you’re really stumped on coming up with quiz content, their premade quizzes are awesome jumping off points for you.

I find that the Interact blog is superbly helpful with information about best practices, how to come up with quiz questions and general helpful tips on using the quiz generator.

Free and Paid Quiz Generator Plans

Though on their free plan you’re not able to collect email addresses, give it a try and decide if you like the idea of using quizzes before signing up for the paid plan. The benefit of the free quiz is the ability to use them on Facebook to grow your page’s engagement. And we’re all trying to find off-the-wall free options for growing our Facebook page reach. We’ve all done a quiz or two on the platform so it’s safe to say that your audience may be into Facebook quizzes. Try Interact’s Quiz Generator here.

They also have polls and giveaways included in their premium plans and I’m excited to dig in and see how I can use those tools to grow my email list.

Here’s another quiz I created for my lifestyle brand. I’m currently hosting a 30-day green smoothie challenge on this blog and used this quiz to make people really think about just how healthily they eat in hopes that they decide to check out the challenge.

You can ask people anything you want! What type of celebrity personality do you have, how much do you know about Star Wars, whatever you think will appeal to your audience. I’ve already gotten 14 leads from the quiz and I haven’t done a good job of promoting it to be honest since I launched it just before Christmas and who has time to think about blogging during Christmas!

I’m very excited about the possibilities. I’m thinking of using it to help me to figure out what blogging problems my readers have so I can create more content and even some courses as well. Blog for profit!

Have I piqued your interest? Do you think a quiz is something that you could use to capture emails for your blog?

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