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Boardbooster tutorial: How to use it to automate your Pinterest strategy to grow your blog or business website traffic. Hot on the heels of my recent Tailwind tutorial, today I’m breaking down Boardbooster for blog traffic. I’m excited to write this Boardbooster tutorial because I truly love the platform though I have yet to decide if I like it better than Tailwind, hence my still paying for them both!

Not to worry, Boardbooster starts at only $5 per month for the ability to schedule 500 pins, which is a great deal! That’s 16 pins going out each day so if you couple that with a bit of manual pinning here and there you would be completely fine with their lowest plan. Click here for your free trial of Boardbooster granting you the ability to schedule 100 pins to see if it’s a fit for you.

Personally, I like to have at least 30 pins going out each day but I do have a lot of content on my lifestyle blog to support that amount. If you have no idea why you should be using Pinterest to grow your blog, click that link for the lowdown on just how powerful the platform is for bloggers and business owners!

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So let’s get started. This works best if you follow along in your Boardbooster account so be sure to click that link above to claim your free trial.

Now, I have to say that Boardbooster can be super confusing for newbies because they have so many ways to do the exact same thing. I’ve read tons of Boardbooster tutorials and even sat through the masterclass over at the Billionaire Blog Club where I’m a member to make sure I got it thoroughly before I dove into the deep end.

In this post, I’ll show you the easiest, quickest and most effective way to get the most out of the platform. BB has a lot of bells and whistles for the low price so follow along and don’t get distracted. After you’ve got everything set up right, you can venture into all the other links and features to explore all other BB capabilities.

Boardbooster Tutorial: Campaigns

Boardbooster Campaigns

This is the first screen you’ll see when you log into BB. In this shot above, I’m hovering over Pinning Tools so you can see all the options. We’re focusing on only one option here and that is Campaigns. For the purpose of growing your blog traffic in a set-it-and-forget-it manner, Campaigns is where it’s at.

Manual Pinning vs Scheduled Pinning

Before I show you how to set up your Boardbooster campaigns, let’s chat a little about which one is better, manual pinning or automated pinning. There’s a lot of talk about manual pinning being better because it shows Pinterest that you’re on the platform. I’ve bought into that theory before and tried to engage more on the platform but the truth is that I’ve failed at this more than I’ve succeeded.

When it comes to my social media, I’d rather automate if I can. In fact, when it comes to blogging there are so many different things to stay on top of that I really would rather automate as much as I can. But building traffic is super important so I decided that manual pinning is a time investment I had to make if I wanted to grow my blog. And guess what, my results weren’t all that much hotter than when I automate.

Pinterest has also declared that it doesn’t matter whether you manually pin on the platform or schedule your pins. What they care more about is that you’re consistently pinning on the platform. I can only guarantee that I will pin consistently each day by setting up a scheduler. If not, I’ll pin on Monday, maybe again on Thursday then Saturday from my phone and that’s just no bueno.

So let’s set up some Boardbooster campaigns.

How to Use Boardbooster: Scheduled Campaign

Even within the list of campaigns that Boardbooster offers, I stick to two: scheduled campaigns and random campaigns.

Scheduled campaigns take my pins through a daily schedule of boards. How it works:

  1. You allocate a source board: this is the board that BB will take pins from to schedule to all other boards.
  2. You pin to this source board
  3. BB picks up that there’s a new pin, and repins it according to your schedule to each board you’ve put in the campaign.

Let’s take a look at this in action.

Boardbooster campaigns

These are the options presented when you click on Campaigns in the first image, from the home screen. Click on Scheduled Campaign for the screen below.

Setting up a Boardbooster Scheduled Campaign

Fill in the campaign name, stick to 1 repin a day for now and then click on the “Add Repin” button to begin telling BB what boards you want to schedule your pins to. Leave the other settings intact. Here’s what one of mine looks like.

Setting up a Boardbooster Scheduled Campaign

This is my BWM Scheduled campaign for this blog. Here, you can see that I have it set up to go out to a number of group boards about blogging one day after each other.

I should mention that when you initially create a campaign, BB will create a secret board to use as your source board for these campaigns. I changed that secret source board to a public board. This way, my board gets credited on Pinterest as being a very active board with lots of repins going out to different boards. A handy tip I picked up from the BBC masterclass.

Scheduled Campaign

Here at the bottom of my list of boards, you can see the source board. It will be populated with the secret board that BB created. Simply change it to any of your public boards. Mine here is the board that all my blog’s pins are housed.

What will happen now is whenever I pin my new posts to that source board on Pinterest, BB picks it up automatically and repins it to all these different group boards listed above day by day according to the schedule until it is completed.

Ain’t life grand?

So, what happens when the pin hits day 30 and cycles out of my scheduled campaign?

I add it to the source board for my random campaign automatically.

Boardbooster Looping Hack: Random Campaigns

So in the very first screenshot above, one of the options listed is Looping. I don’t use this feature since it only loops your pins to your own boards. The basis here is that the pins that’ve been buried on your boards from way back have not been seen by your new followers and so BB repins it to the top of the board. Over time it compares which one does better and deletes the underperforming pin.

Sounds great in theory but I’ve found a way around that so that my posts go out at random to my own boards as well as all my group boards. Less tinkling with BB, more automated goodness. This is also a more efficient way to pin so that I keep my costs low.

Random campaigns are set up pretty much like scheduled campaigns. The only difference is instead of sending out the pins on a schedule, BB takes one pin from the source board and randomly throws it on one of the boards you’ve specified. It cycles them frequently enough and has duplication controls on a board and account level so you’re sure that the same pin isn’t thrown to the same board in too short a time period. Let’s take a look.

Setting up a Boardbooster random campaign

This is a random campaign where I’ve set it so all the pins on my “Destination Jamaica” board are pinned to my travel group boards and my own relevant boards at intervals I’ve assigned. You can add more than one source board here. So maybe I can add all my travel pins that aren’t Jamaica from my other Travel boards. I could also instead of using boards, use pins that I want randomly cycled. I would select “List of pins” above instead of “List of Boards.”

The intervals you should assign will depend on a number of factors. Some group boards specifically ask you not to repeat a pin to the board more than once every 30 days. Some boards are very slow with only a few contributors and so once every 30 days is probably only what you could get away with anyway without looking like it’s totally your board and no one else pins to it.

It also depends on how many pins you have. If you only have a handful of pins to begin with, it won’t be long before the same pins start getting repinned to the same boards so you want to space the time out between your pins.

So there you have it. My pins first get cycled to all relevant boards when they’re new in my scheduled campaign. My source board for my random campaign is the last board that new pins get pinned to in the scheduled campaign. That way, it automatically gets placed onto the source board for my random campaign when it’s done cycling through so truly the only thing I have to do is pin my new pins to my blog’s board and my pinning is taken care of forever.

Or until I continue to pay for BB.

Managing the Duplicating of Pins

How do you make sure, especially when running a random campaign, that the same pin won’t be pinned to the same board over and over?

Boardbooster duplication controls

If you click on account then account settings, you’ll be taken to this screen. Here’s where you can dictate the time between pins before they get repinned to a board. I have it set to 30 days at present. Generally, if a pin was pinned 30 days ago, it should be fine to pin it again to the same board to keep it fresh and hit followers who may have missed it before.

If your boards are slower, you can extend the time on this even more.

Notice in the bottom right of the screen there’s also a place for you to register your board covers if you use them. This stops BB from pinning out your board covers to your group boards,

Group Board Repin Rates and other Boardbooster Reports

BB reports

The reports that BB offers are one of my favourite things on the platform outside of automating my pinning. I won’t go through all of them here as they are covered fully in my Pinterest eBook but my favourites are the Board Performance boards and the Idle Group Boards Report.

Board performance shows you the repin rate of a board and your personal repin rate of your pins since joining that board. This helps you to determine what group boards are working for you so you can adjust your campaigns accordingly.

The Idle Group Boards Report show boards that probably have not been added to any of my campaigns because they’re very niche or some other reason. Like one of them only accepts travel pins of places without any words on the image. Another one I can think of off the top of my head has a very peculiar board owner that cultivates a very specific type of pin to their board. It works because the repin rate of the board is pretty high so I make sure to only manually pin to this board.

I like to have this report open when I sit to manually pin. Sometimes when I’m manually pinning without this report, I feel like I’m bombarding boards because I choose to add pins to the same boards over and over again.

This way, I can see what boards I haven’t pinned to in a while and so try my pins out on these boards to see if they bring me any more traction.

Related reading: How to find the best (open) group boards to join

I’m hoping you found this Boardbooster tutorial helpful. If I’ve managed to convince you that BB is truly powerful and awesome and worth the $5 bucks then yay you! You’re about to enjoy the freedom of automated traffic to your blog. If you’re still iffy, be sure to sign up here to get 100 pins scheduled for free and try it out for yourself.

I’d so appreciate if you pinned this post to share it with your audience! Leave comments below if you have any questions.


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